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CCP is the boy who cried wolf: Its narratives are increasingly fragile and irrelevant

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is 'the boy who cried wolf' - a classic Aesop Fable.

2019 saw a paradigm shift that caused COVID-19. Authoritarians, such as CCP, are now stuck in the older paradigms and are increasingly unable to compete against democracies who, to overcome COVID and other issues, are strengthening their people's symbiotic relationship with Earth and all on board her.

CCP is a nuclear armed, heavily militarized nationalist religious cult. Being religious zealots, CCP is divisive and REFUSES to recognize or deal with anyone who does not support them and their views ! CCP's sole aim is to remain in power in China no matter what happens : CCP is a virus that has killed at least 77million Chinese people that still continues to create and spread destructive viruses.

Woke or broke - so far the option CCP has chosen is broke!

CCP is unwilling and unable to address China's core issues: Be it SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the disease it causes COVID-19 - or anything else in the forever mounting viruses and plagues of CCP.

During COVID-19 there is now an even greater 'wealth' (i.e. health, relationships, finances, nature, etc.) and 'wealth generation' gap between states who are authoritarian and those of democracies. The key difference is that democracies have the support of the majority of their people - COVID is supporting the development of humanities' symbiotic relationship with Earth and all onboard her.

CCP is proving itself to be fragile and irrelevant to everything, everywhere. CCP remains unable to face the realities of the people of China's needs for political reforms for a multi-party democracy - just like it did in Tiananmen square on 4 June 1989.

For China's economy to grow it must move beyond a 2,000 year old feudal Han Chinese plutocracy and into a modern functioning multi-party democracy. The threat to CCP is real in that its corruption and human rights abuses must end - a reality that sociopathic CCP does NOT accept!

In stark contrast to CCP and the HK government, HK protesters uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law.

What are Hong Kong (HK) peoples basic 'needs' that are falling on the deaf ears of their so called communist 'leaders'? Here is a quick short list of HK peoples 'basic' needs:

  • Uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law. CCP's rule BY law 'national security law' has unlawfully annexed HK and remains unacceptable to the majority of HK people

  • Democracy - universal and equal suffrage elections and the peoples remaining 'five demands'

  • Human rights - freedoms guaranteed under UN international treaties such as ICCPR which since June 2019 have been routinely violated (see UN rapporteurs letters to China below)

  • Civil liberties - freedoms of speech, association, Press, etc.

  • Release all political prisoners from HK jails: HK's common law only has criminal or civil cases, there is no common law 'political case'

  • One of the 'five demands', a credible independent Commission of Inquiry (CoI) is needed to be held into the actions of the HK government including the police since June 2019. The intent must be to hold those responsible, including crimes against humanity, to be held personally legally responsible. There being no independent judiciary this CoI can not currently be held in HK

  • Young people MUST have hope for their future - not the despair that they now face!

  • Freedom to practice their beliefs, including religion of choice

  • 'Education' according to HK's UN treaty obligation definitions - now is CCP's curriculum and propaganda

  • Public debating of HK's political and social issues with action taken to resolve these problems

  • HK government's policy addresses, which requires HK people's Public Purse to be used, must reflect the will of HK people

  • Mega Court - so next is a Mega Prison, as in all of HK is one big prison just like China!

  • Can HKers emigrate and take their private property with them?

  • Access to public funded quality healthcare services

HK's 24 November 2019 District Council elections, the only democratic 'universal and equal suffrage elections' in HK, are at the very heart of the decades long ongoing fight for democracy, human rights and the rule OF law in HK, and by extension, in China. HK protester's pro-democrat candidates won 85% of seats (388/452) controlling 17/18 districts : Since the 1 July 1997 handover to China this was the biggest defeat CCP had suffered in HK politics. At first CCP and the HK government were in denial of their losses. Instead of accepting defeat they choose to enact the 'nuclear option' of nuking everyone including themselves by annexing HK using their 1 July 2020 'national security law' - the fall out continues!

HK protesters had supported 2019 District Council candidates promoting their 'five demands'. These election results, effectively a public referendum on CCP and HK government, illustrated the 'will' of HK people and gave a clear statement about what course of action HK people wanted from their HK government. However, CCP and HK government refuse to acknowledge and listen to the will of HK people - they unlawfully destroyed the District Councils lawfully elected by the people, went on to destroying the Legislative Council and any semblance of the 'independence' of HK's judiciary.

In violation of their ICCPR human rights the majority of HKers did not elect ANYONE to be a HK 'leader'. In 2017 Carrie Lam was 'selected' by a CCP handpicked 'committee' which numerically is equated to roughly 0.1% of HK's population. Because of 'COVID restrictions' CCP did not allow 6 September 2020 Legislative Council (LegCo) elections: CCP unlawfully disbanded the 2016 LegCo replacing it with an illegitimate 'Provisional LegCo' to run until upcoming December 2021 elections which greatly reduces HK the pro-democratic majority's LegCo representation.

Meanwhile, having created Gulag HK as a police state under the direct control of CCP, the likes of HK the sociopathic nationalist current HK Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam) are busy playing mind games with anyone and everyone just to keep their seat at the table amongst HK and China's elites. Unfortunately for HK people, this includes anything that CCP demands no matter what the ill-effects are for HK - examples includes locking up all pro-democratic lawmakers and activists, HK's numerous failed and failing white elephant projects including Disney, Hong Kong Zhuhai bridge, high speed train, Lantau reclamation, etc. Along the way CLam committed treason and so did some other senior HK government officials in their dealings with CCP - they must be held accountable.

HK people will NEVER give up their lawful demands! No matter what CCP and HK government does, they will be unable to hold back the inevitable rise of HK people to embrace their Universal rights to freedoms, human rights and democracy. This is HK peoples' 'truth', the 'Satyagraha', that helped Gandhi's non-violent protests bring down the British Empire.

The tide is now inevitably turning against CCP

The tide appears to increasingly be turning against CCP and Emperor Xi Jinping (please read references below).

CCP must be held accountable for all of its unlawful acts including crimes against humanity in Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia and HK.

The latest pronouncements from CCP are, as always, focused on domestic mainland Han Chinese consumption and have nothing to do with reality in the real world. CCP cannot expect to dictate its demands to the world, including over matters of pollution, when it remains dependent upon exports to purchase foreign currency to feed its massive population. (Please read references below).

US President Joe Biden has rightfully taken to focusing on strengthening democracy, de-coupling from CCP and engaging the people of China by supporting democracy in Taiwan - including militarily.

CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping has no response to Biden except to swallow his own 'wolf warrior' words and not dare to act militarily against so many allied democracies.

Inter-factional fighting within CCP will continue to slowly and inevitably bring down this criminal organization.

The 'Republic of China', currently in Taiwan, is likely a leading contender to help to govern over a multi-party democratic China. We live in interesting times!

CCP's Xi Jinping is China's Emperor with no clothes - see him and CCP for exactly what they are!

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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