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CCP is irrevocably hitched to Hong Kong : Trash HK to crash CCP

In its 2020 annexation of Hong Kong (HK), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) acting like a lunatic, hitched itself irrevocably onto the city, and then drove China over the cliff!

Thanks RFA's Rebel Pepper!

CCP, with its arbitrary rule BY law, is the world's worst ever totalitarian regime that has killed over 77million of its own people since 1949!

There are many lies throughout the history of CCP which are used as part of its structural violence of torture by coercion of the people of China for 'stability and prosperity' to ensure that CCP remains in power : i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which includes arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

By the end of the 1970's roughly 2/3 of HKers were refugees from mainland China escaping from the CCP. Unsurprisingly, for decades, in HK politics roughly 60% of people supported 'democrats' (also known as 'pan-democrats' or 'pro-democrats') and 30% supported pro-CCP (also known as 'pro-Beijing') - with 10% 'undecided' : Traditionally HK democrats have been ineffectively infighting amongst themselves whilst HK people were largely unaware and publicly 'uninterested' in politics.

CCP, without formally creating a 'Communist Party' in HK and running in elections, had heavily invested in HK politics during the 1990's supporting pro-Beijing parties such as DAB, which had maintained a majority in District Councils and LegCo since the 1997 handover to China.

Since the 1997 handover CCP has failed to secure HK public support because of its failure to uphold its UN international treaty obligations to the Joint Declaration, ICCPR and others.

In 2007 CCP agreed to accept HK peoples' ICCPR rights to universal and equal suffrage elections for the 2016 Legislative Council and 2017 Chief Executive elections. This was a political agreement, proposed by HK Democratic Party Founder Martin Lee and agreed by CCP that HK democrats had been keeping since 2007.

CCP never keeps its word!

The 31 August 2014 National Peoples Congress Special Committee (NPCSC) decision on 31 August 2014 meant that CCP had reneged on its 2007 promise to HK people of their ICCPR rights to universal and equal suffrage elections in the 2016 Legislative Council and 2017 Chief Executive elections. CCP's reneging on its agreement was the cause of the September 2014 Umbrella movement.

Early 2019 HK's Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam) proposed extradition legislation : In effect under this law anyone, resident and tourist alike, could be whisked up to China on trumped up criminal charges in a jurisdiction that is under CCP's rule BY law. Public outcry was widespread and continued from June 2019 until protests stopped because of the COVID-19 global pandemic in January 2020.

The 24 November 2019 District Council elections were then a public 'referendum' on CCP, Carrie Lam and the HK government. The result was a landslide victory for pro-democrat candidates who, for the first time, won a majority with 85% of seats (388/452) in 17/18 Districts with HK protester support for the '5 demands'.

Having lost the District Council elections it was likely that CCP would lose its majority support in the September 2020 Legislative Council (LegCo) elections - and with that would lose its 'control' over HK, and most importantly the Public Purse.

The paranoid totalitarian CCP was totally unprepared for such a massive loss of 'face', loss of political power in HK and how this reflected on its control over China. This illustrates that CCP:

+ 100% believes ONLY their own narratives

+ Is a nuclear armed, significantly militarized religious cult

+ Will shut down HK, or any place, to ensure it stays in power in China!

The irrevocable hitching of CCP to HK was an act of paranoia and desperation by CCP when it enacted on 1 July 2020 HK's unconstitutional 'national security law' : i.e. CCP used its 'nuclear option' to destroy everyone and everything including itself!

Will it be a hard landing or soft for China?

With CCP having hitched itself to HK and driven China over the cliff, there will be a landing sooner or later!

There are an estimated 100million CCP members currently milking China and the world - for whom the inevitable landing has serious consequences!

The choice of hard or soft landing depends entirely upon CCP and its ability to perform according to its UN international treaties and global norms. High priority issues driving a hard or soft landing include the source and spread of SARS-CoV-2, Xinjiang genocide of Uigher Muslims, Tibetian assimilation and breach of the ICCPR and Joint Declaration in HK.

Taiwan, as a leading Asian democracy, has a key role to play in the landing and the creation of a multi-party democracy in China including HK.

The world knows that historically each change of dynasty in China has resulted in widespread bloodshed, burning of books, seizure of property, etc. With so many innocent citizen deaths caused since 1949 by the illegitimate totalitarian ruler CCP revenge will be taken by some.

The democratic alliance (USA, UK, EU, etc.) which produces 60% of global GDP, assumes the international rules-based order. Its use of the rule OF law is now growing as is its power and effectiveness against CCP's rule BY law : Ultimately this is a war of ideology in which the winner takes all. In contrast to the democratic alliance countries, CCP has no friends - only hired hands.

When will the landing happen? Retired, and living in USA, mainland Chinese Professor Cai Xia in 2020 suggested CCP would take at least 5 years to 'land'.

WTPOHK recommends a HK public preferential multi-option referendum which when acted upon will result in CCP's China negating its breaches of the Joint Declaration allowing this agreement to continue until 30 June 2047.

HK protesters, who are the majority of HKers, know and accept that they MUST liberate themselves and the Chinese people from CCP : If necessary the democratic alliance MUST trash HK to crash CCP for a hard landing!

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:


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