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CCP is a paper tiger challenging world order

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

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"Paper tiger" is a literal English translation of the Chinese phrase zhilaohu (纸老虎/紙老虎). The term refers to something or someone that claims or appears to be powerful or threatening, but is actually ineffectual and unable to withstand challenge. The expression became well known internationally as a slogan used by Mao Zedong, leader of the People's Republic of China, against his political opponents, particularly the U.S. government.

Last British Governor of Hong Kong Chris Patten

The ancient Chinese term "paper tiger" zhilaohu (纸老虎/紙老虎) best describes the current Imperialist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lead by self-appointed lifetime leader Xi Jinping.

CCP is a paper tiger that must be seen, recognized and removed ASAP!! They have gotten to where they are, and stay there, by bullying, coercion and deception.

To remove CCP, we ought to support the people of China - do NOT support CCP. Directly confront the CCP and call out their bluff. Make CCP lose face so they lose power. Stop buying 'Made in China' goods and services, stop investing in China companies or technologies that further CCP. Shut CCP down anywhere and everywhere. Free Hong Kong, BOYCOTT Chinese Communist Party #FREEHKBOYCOTTCCP

Premier Li Keqiang (see below) surprised many when he revealed during China's annual parliamentary session last month that around 600 million people in China earn a monthly income of just 1,000 yuan (US$140). His comments came as a contrast to Xi’s top priority and goal set years back to eradicate poverty by 2020 - which he has not done! In 2019 in terms of GDP/capita China ranked worldwide a low 79th.

China must, for the benefit of all, become a normalized member of the global community as a multi-party democracy - only then will the people of China and the world be released from the corruption of CCP and their rule BY law which is in direct conflict with democracy's rule OF law.

CCP is the world's worst ever authoritarian regime, and Xi Jinping the most brutal leader. The real problem is CCP. CCP is a virus that must be removed. CCP dangerously drives nationalism. CCP is paralyzed by internal factional infighting! CCP's mafia boss Xi Jinping is disliked and hated by many people inside and outside of China.

The mirage of so called "opportunities" that attracts investors, companies and others to "participate" in the massive market of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is at best a warm fuzzy! At worst it is a downright fraud. As Lord Patten reminds us "we should stop being fooled that somehow at the end of all the kowtowing there's this great pot of gold waiting for us. It's always been an illusion." A mafia lead by its boss Xi Jinping is sucking everyone dry in China !

The stakes are now very high for all of humanity! Wuhan virus COVID-19 has shaken awake the world to the paradigm shift and global threat of CCP. The corruption of CCP's rule BY law negatively affects everyone.

Removing CCP needs to be an initiative by the people of the world for the people of China! We are all inter-dependent!

To permanently remove CCP an international alliance of democratic nations lead by USA must urgently pushback across all theatres, and in all ways. All means possible must be used to shut down CCP and help to turn China into a multi-party democracy.

Hong Kong (HK) is a feudal Chinese plutocracy - it is not a democracy. Chinese societies are patriarchal, often controlled by triads (gangsters). Coercion is a primary tool of the CCP and the HK Government under the disguise of "harmony." The exception is Taiwan.

"The Chinese Communist Party is now destroying Hong Kong’s free trade port status and its status as one of the three international financial centers. What does it mean? It means the Chinese Communist Party is challenging the whole world,” said professor Cai Xia (see below).

Insiders, such as Cai Xia (former professor at the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China - see below), professor Zhang Xuezhong's open letter on China's Constitution, professor Zhao Shilin, professor Xu Zhiyong and others fully know what is going on and they have been warning everyone.

Xi ‘extremely foolish’ to push through Hong Kong national security law, says former Communist Party professor

Apple Daily 5 June 2020 (Bold format added)

A former professor at a top training institute of the Chinese Communist Party has slammed President Xi Jinping’s forceful push of national security law in Hong Kong as “extremely foolish”, making the party “the enemy of human civilization”, according to a speech shared by a Chinese dissident.

Chinese dissident Zhao Changqing, who now lives in the United States, shared on his Twitter on May 31 a speech at a private meeting, allegedly made by Cai Xia, a former professor at Central Party School. The transcript of the speech noted that Cai has moved to New York.

In the speech, Cai said China had the sovereignty of Hong Kong, but the governing rights belonged to the Hong Kong people. Hong Kong’s international status was determined by other countries, she added.

"The Chinese Community Party is now destroying Hong Kong’s free trade port status and its status as one of the three international financial centers. What does it mean? It means the Chinese Communist Party is challenging the whole world,” she said in the speech.

Cai said former Chinese leaders such as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping refrained from trying to change Hong Kong’s status because they did not want to challenge the order of human civilization.

"But this extremely foolish Xi believes that Hong Kong's sovereignty belongs to China, so he can do whatever he likes for Hong Kong," Cai said. "On the surface, the Chinese Communist Party is threatening the freedom and rights of the Hong Kong people, but in fact it is threatening world order and the values of human civilization.”

"The Chinese Communist Party is making itself an enemy of the whole world, especially the enemy of human civilization," she added.

Before China voted to pass the national security law bill for Hong Kong, Cai was one of 50 intellectuals who signed a petition to urge China to uphold freedom of expression enshrined in the country’s constitution.

In 2016, Cai publicly voiced support for property tycoon Ren Zhiqiang, saying that he had the right to criticise Beijing’s policies as stated in the party’s constitution and regulations.

Only substitution can bring changes to China

Source: www.rfi.fr 4 June 2020 (Bold format added)

Cai Xia, former professor at the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China:

During recent days, a 20-minute audio was widely circulated on social networks. This was a speech delivered by a former professor of the Central Party School of the CCP Central Committee, Cai Xia, at a private discussion meeting.

Cai Xia kept asking in his speech why the CCP system has reached this level today? Why is a man like Xi Jinping "sitting at the top?"

Cai Xia thus judged that the political system itself had no way out. "It is useless to change. This system must fundamentally be abandoned." Cai Xia believes that after the CCP implemented the “reform and open up policy”, the two most fundamental problems have not been solved, one being the political system and the other, theory.

The CCP has become a political zombie

The scholar's judgment is very calm yet almost harsh: "From the beginning of the constitutional revision, we can see that this party has actually become a political zombie."

Cai Xia believes that the revision of the constitution is illegal from the perspective of the party's procedures: "He [Xi Jinping] kidnapped the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee. He rushed to throw out such a statement as "cancellation of the tenure system" two days before the Third Plenary Session, The Third Plenary Session swallowed like dog shit. There are so many Central Committee members in the Third Plenary Session, no one dared to raise this issue at the Third Plenary Session; therefore, the party itself is already a political zombie.

The main leader [Xi Jinping] can rely on his control of the military, as well as the fundamental nature of this political system, corrupt officials. There are no human rights and the rule of law in the party to protect the rights of party members and officials." "90 million party members have become slaves and tools at his personal convenience."

He [Xi Jinping] is a de-facto gangster boss

In her speech, Cai Xia rarely mentioned Xi Jinping by name, but she indicated that she is talking about Xi Jinping everywhere: ignoring the Party Discipline and State Laws and arbitrarily pressing charges: “Now it has become a crime to not support the real economy, to make comments on party issues, or to be dishonest with the party. There isn’t any rule of law, nor a sense of being a political party. It has completely become a gang. The boss can do whatever he wants to his slaves. That was why I stated that the party is a political zombie.”

Cai Xia criticized “aligning consciousness”, which orders members to be absolutely loyal. "(They can) find a reason to accuse you for being disloyal, or for rivaling the central party by making wild conjectures. Who can dare (to voice their opinions)? This kills the party and the country.”

Cai Xia argues that “the four self-confidences”, “the four consciousnesses”, as well as “the two things to maintain” are all “standard configurations”: “Especially “the two things to maintain”, the whole party revolves around one person, is this still called the rule of party? There has not been a sense of political party for a long time. He is a gang boss, a political party is just a tool in his hand, so this party has become a political zombie.”

In Cai Xia's opinion, Xi Jinping is now on road rage, in which no one else can talk, nor can anyone change him. Now it is a “dangerous situation”. In this situation, what should I do? “Of course, I think the best thing is to change people. In such a matter of urgency, I think changing the leader is the first step.” But Xi Jinping now holds the knife in his hand and holds the army. Politics and laws are both controlled by his hands and he monitors everyone with technology. What should I do?

Please retire to the second line to save face and live your personal life

Cai Xia believes that the Politburo Standing Committee can be convened, and finally a collective resolution comes, and the minority obey the majority, "You can't do it, you can't drag a country or a party into a dead end because of such a trivial personal problem, which can make 90 million party members and 1.4 billion people your funerary companions. This is impossible." If the Standing Committee members still have a sense of responsibility for the party and the people, as well as the political courage, take this step.

China now faces difficulties at home and abroad, "I think the seven standing committee members should meet to make resolutions and replace Xi. In fact, as soon as Xi is replaced, the external pressure will begin to loosen. Because this is a signal, telling us that we are going to turn. As long as this person is on the stage, the external pressure will only get more tense, and it is impossible to change, and it is impossible to ease, and you can ease the external pressure when you change Xi. Because even if you don’t voice, everyone knows that you are going to turn."

Cai Xia described high-ranking members of the Communist Party as almost entirely slaves under one man’s hands. But she also made it clear that Li Keqiang and Wang Yang were facing difficulties, “working hard to reduce losses in their respective positions.”

Cai Xia asked, China is now facing a dangerous situation. The elders of the party and the current standing committee members, "Can we once again rise up for the country and the people, and make a decision that the minority obeys the majority, and invite this person to go down, decently retreat to the second line, live his personal life, and don’t intervene again. That way our party may turn around. If this person does not go down, our party has no chance.”

Free falling into social collapse

Cai Xia said that if there is a possibility of substitution, what is to be done now is not how to move forward, but what to be stopped first and what cannot be continued; it’s not the time to initiate new policies but restore things to order.

Cai Xia pointed out that the CCP has come to an end, but the vast majority of party members in the system understand in their hearts that the reason for this is “because they have all been hijacked (by Xi).”

Cai Xia warned that if nothing is done, there will be chaos in a few years. "Now if we don't take care of this person, we can only watch the system free-falls, wait for him to free-fall and land. The society collapses, and then starts from scratch. I think this is a great possibility. If so, within five years there will be a big chaos in China.

The leading apps in China are for job seeking!

‘Street vendor economy’ policy u-turn signals intensified power struggle in Beijing

Apple Daily 4 June 2020 (Bold format added)

Beijing’s U-turn in its policy to encourage the unemployed to become street vendors may signal a deepening rift between China's paramount leader Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, sources told the Apple Daily.

The Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party on Thursday reportedly instructed state media at central government level to stop mentioning "street vendor economy" in their reports as the reference embarrasses the Chinese leadership. Sources have confirmed to Apple Daily that Chinese state media did receive such instructions and that the development indicated the struggle between Xi and Li for control over the economy had intensified.

Li, in a recent visit to the province of Shandong, promoted the policy as a way to boost the economy at a time when millions have lost jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Li said the makeshift open-air street stalls were "important sources of jobs." While China's official unemployment rate hovered around 6% between February to April, a Chinese brokerage firm in April was forced to retract an analyst report that estimated the actual figure to be over 20%.

Many parts across China since then have taken a much more lenient approach to street vendors. The policy marked a departure from Beijing’s previous efforts since 2017 to “clean up” the city’s image by kicking out street vendors.

But Beijing also worries about the implications of a growing "street vendor economy" on China's financial system, a source said, pointing to a scenario where many of those who have borrowed from banks to set up physical shops would fail to repay their debts should they face stiff competition from street vendors.

"Coming from the Communist Youth League faction, Li doesn't understand how the economy works," the same source said. "Nowadays most people shop online in China. Who would still go to open-air stalls?"

Wu Qiang, an independent political scholar in China, told Apple Daily that Li has been advocating greater economic freedom for individuals and a freer market since he became premier in 2013. Xi, on the contrary, has been eager to increase the state's control over the economy. "The conflict [between the two] has been intensifying over the past eight years and now this row over street vendors exposes it," Wu said.

Li also surprised many when he revealed during China's annual parliamentary session last month that around 600 million people in China earn a monthly income of just 1,000 yuan (US$140). His comments came as a contrast to Xi’s top priority and goal set years back to eradicate poverty by 2020.

1950's CCP called USA a paper tiger. Now the world calls CCP imperialistic!

This blog shows how a paper tiger is made!

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