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CCP discrimination against the integrity of RTHK Journalist Ms. Nabela Qoser

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

All HK people are now minorities inside China!

The majority of Hong Kong (HK) people, the HK protesters, are very happy to know that there are professional journalists with integrity, such as RTHK's Ms. Nabela Qoser, who hold HK government officials accountable with hard and deep questioning! HK government employees have a job to do and they, like everyone, MUST perform. HK government is currently not accountable to the people of HK as agreed in the Joint Declaration.

CCP and the HK government seem to be trying to introduce their idea that somehow "malicious" verbal assault against their leaders is a crime.

We the people of HK have since June 2019 held massive peaceful protests attended by up to 2 million protesters, which amounts to almost 25% of HK's population! It's clear from District Council elections in HK that the majority of HK people support the protesters' demands. Yet unacceptably, all we have to show so far for our mass protests is a) the withdrawal of the proposed extradition legislation and b) the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in yet another serious breach of the Joint Declaration, through its illegal annexation of HK using its National Security Law!

The will of HK people has been agreed!

The view of HK protesters is that the first HK government employee held responsible who should be fired for her lack of integrity, incompetence, negligence, double speak, lies and treason must be Chief Executive Carrie Lam! Under the Joint Declaration, while taking HK people's money for her salary she has illegally and willingly handed over HK people into the balls and chains of the oppressive authoritarian CCP! Polls show that Carrie Lam only has a HK support base of about 10%. Lam's exit needs to be quickly followed by firing of the rest of her and CCP's 'administrators and advisors.'

This attack by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their minions, the HK government, on RTHK journalist Ms. Nabela Qoser is a direct and malicious assault on:

  • All Hong Kong (HK) people including protesters and on anyone visiting or investing in HK

  • All HK ethnic minority communities

  • Women

  • The integrity and ability of all HK government employees ("civil servants" in a society which is not civil as applied in ICCPR) to perform their job description for which they are being paid by HK people's public purse

  • HK Press freedoms

  • The integrity of journalism with RTHK as a CCP mouthpiece

  • The legitimacy of CCP and HK government as a member of the global community to govern HK under CCP's repeated breaches of the Joint Declaration

  • The control and use of HK's public purse and the separation of finances between HK and China both under the control of CCP

  • HK's rule OF law, and independence of the judiciary under our Constitution the Joint Declaration

Ms. Nabela Qoser is a 'civil servant' who, like all current HK civil servants, does NOT work for HK as a 'civil society' - rather they all work for CCP which is the unelected self-proclaimed "People's democratic dictatorship" who applies in HK their own rule BY law! Radio Television HK (RTHK) is a HK government Department under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau. Unlike other public broadcasters like the BBC and NHK, which are statutory corporations primarily funded by licence fees, RTHK is a HK government agency directly funded by the public purse.

CCP is a virus - the world's worst ever authoritarian regime which is the source of SARS-COV-2 and the global pandemic COVID-19. Since September 2019 CCP has directly instructed all HK government departments, including the 'independent' Judiciary.

Herein lies a key credibility problem - RTHK has become a CCP controlled Press outlet in HK which for propaganda purposes is still trying to be viewed as an 'independent' free press. The money that funds the HK government and RTHK is the money belonging to the HK people - it is NOT the money of the HK government nor of its current master the CCP! All of which is why we now have an illegal Legislative Council.

This CCP action is intended, as has been seen so many times before, to instill fear into HK people and so ensure that it retains direct control over HK. The repeated targeting of Hong Kong's (HK) Press freedoms that aim to change the narrative from truth to one controlled by the CCP is unacceptable to HK people.

HK police continually harasses, arrests and even assaults journalists and leading democrats. Democratic news media organizations, such as Apple Daily, are also harrassed. The police have taken to rejecting the legitimate rights of local and foreign journalists who simply carry out their legal and vital role to ensure press freedoms in HK which are enshrined in our Constitution, the Joint Declaration.

RTHK's Ms. Nabela Qoser also belongs to a minority, and the CCP and HK government are once again testing all HK people's attitudes and resolve to stand with HK minorities!

The suppression by the Hong Kong (HK) government of public broadcaster RTHK Journalist Ms. Nabela Qoser - a young Muslim Pakistani ethnic, linguistic and religious minority woman - is a very serious matter before the Law! However, once again, despite HK's UN and Joint Declaration obligations including its so called rule OF law the SAR does NOT have any legislation, policies or practices that ensure Ms. Qoser's or anyone else's full UN human rights!

We note, despite international condemnation, the chilling doubling down of repression by Xi Jinping's CCP on Xinjiang Muslim Uyghur minorities.

By all accounts, Ms. Qoser, by her excellence in Journalism, must have seriously gotten underneath the skin of HK's much hated Chief Executive Carrie Lam and her minions. They, as always, find that to overcome the large chip on their shoulders they must pick on someone smaller and much less able to defend themselves! There are many examples of this: recently at least 4 policemen "stopping" and pinned on the ground a 12 year old girl; abuse of domestic helpers during COVID-19 in HK; HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam discriminates & coerces Foreign Domestic Helpers; Indonesian Journalist blinded in her right eye by a Police rubber bullet; murder of a South Asian man in police custody.

Middle kingdom Emperor Xi Jinping assumes he is the ruler of the world! The underlying problem is that CCP is not accountable to the people of China; CCP is a virus that must be treated as a virus and must be removed. The whole world has a problem with CCP - NOT with the people of China!

Interestingly Pakistan is supposed to be a close ally of China in its 'One Belt, One Road' initiative - something that HK is also supposed to benefit from! So, we can now comfortably say that with CCP's nationalism the Belt & Road is yet another Xi Jinping non-starter initiative that only financially benefits himself and his cronies!

CCP's strategy of 'Divide and Conquer'

We have already seen CCP's 'divide and conquer' strategy played out many times during HK anti-extradition protests starting in June 2019. For example, the violation of Kowloon Mosque by Police part 1 and part 2 when this sacred Muslim religious community building was deliberately sprayed by a police water cannon!

The HK government and police have always been dividing and splitting ethnic minorities away from the majority Han Chinese.

After their violation of the Kowloon Mosque, the HK government's divisive tactic backfired because the majority of HK people, including minorities, are now united against CCP and the HK government. This is evidenced by the will of the people and their landslide win in the 24 November 2019 District Council elections!

Dangerously, today in HK Chinese nationalism is alive and sowing the seeds of division and discrimination! CCP and HK government are furiously digging to the bottom of their hole as quickly as they can when all foreigners and all things foreign are to be blamed for all of CCP's and HK government failings! Cultural Revolution 2.0 !

HK's South Asian community in particular face a very difficult time ahead - as they have faced for years!

This incident, once again, just proves to everyone everywhere just how quickly and how far HK has fallen under the control of CCP. It is a big red flag to all democracies that they must decouple from CCP!

Human Rights Watch says CCP's strategy is to undermine global human rights!

These UN letters to China on HK protests are always fertile grounds for readers: Mandates of the UN Special Rapporteur 28 June 2019 and Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 29 January 2020 on HK Police tear gas, rights & freedoms and Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 19 February 2020 on arrests of HK medics during protests and Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs on HK's National Security Law of 1 September 2020.

We must all be alert to the calculated and continuing erosion of the rights and freedoms we cherish so much, and continue to fight for.


RTHK reopens probe into reporter Nabela Qoser

RTHK 27 September 2020.

The staff union at Radio Television Hong Kong said on Sunday that it had learnt that the public broadcaster has reopened an investigation into complaints against a reporter who drew the ire of pro-government figures for her tough questioning of the authorities during last year's social unrest.

The reporter, Nabela Qoser, has also been informed that her three-year probation period as a civil servant will be extended by another 120 days, according to the RTHK Programme Staff Union.

Qoser's confrontational approach towards Chief Executive Carrie Lam and other officials at press conferences during the months of anti-government protests was praised by many, but denounced as aggressive and biased by others.

"Where were you all last night?," she had asked Lam, for example, the day after the Yuen Long gang attack on July 21 which put dozens of people in hospital.

The complaints against the reporter which are being re-examined were made between July and November last year.

The union questioned why the investigation into Qoser is being reopened after it had been concluded. The union further stated that it would be seeking information as to who made the decision. It described the move as "unreasonable suppression".

The union said appraisals are used to assess the performance of members of staff and extending an employee's probation period because of an investigation was "extremely unusual".

Qoser was believed to have been given until Tuesday to decide whether to accept the extension of her probation. Asked about the situation, she said it was not convenient for her to comment.

RTHK spokeswoman Amen Ng said the government has established mechanisms and procedures to handle employment matters relating to civil servants. Ng said the public broadcaster does not comment on individual cases.

Nabela Qoser, a Hong Kong broadcast journalist who has become the news herself, has accepted her bosses' decision to extend her probation by 120 days as an investigation into her conduct looms, Apple Daily has learned.

Qoser, the co-host of RTHK news program This Week, is known for shooting sharp questions at government officials over their handling of last year’s protests. She was earlier given seven days to choose to accept the extension of her three-year probation as a civil servant from Oct. 2, or leave her job on Wednesday, sources told Apple Daily.

Her work arrangements had not been suspended, according to the RTHK Programme Staff Union. After news of a possible extended probation leaked, the public broadcaster received at least 13,000 emails in two days praising Qoser, sources said.

Editorial: Suppressing Nabela Qoser, ‘offense of malicious attack’ in disguise | Apple Daily HK

Apple Daily 29 September 2020.

Freedom of speech and freedom of press are important content of Hong Kong’s core values, but they are on the verge of collapsing under the suppression of the CCP and Hong Kong Communists. On the one hand, the people can do little about the Sinicization of newspapers, news editing, and senior news editors. They have voiced their support for the purged Headliner and other programs but to no avail, shown their support towards Apple Daily that was searched by hundreds of police but have not resolved the crisis of existence of free media; on the other hand, the Hong Kong Commies have replicated the CCP’s speech crime in every corner of the people’s lives, including economic crimes, public nuisance crimes, literary incitement crimes, etc. Give the dog a bad name and hang it. Today, the investigations against Nabela Qoser in RTHK have been reopened, the only reason for it must be to penalize her for demanding the Chief Executive to “speak like a human being”, and in a way, to introduce the crime of malicious verbal assault against leaders.

The people of Hong Kong cherish the freedom of speech and the freedom of press, and have been very concerned about the Sinicization of media control, the beating up of journalists, newspapers and radio stations being purged, etc., so we have not witnessed a situation like German theologian Martin Niemöller’s confession:

When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews, I remained silent; I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.

However, the space for Hong Kong’s freedom of speech and freedom of press is continuously shrinking, because Hongkongers are facing an authoritarian regime that has hated freedom the most, and suppressed it the most brutally, in history. Before the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law, the crimes of inciting others and inciting public nuisance have been used as charges for prosecuting Chan Kin-man and Tommy Cheung; after the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law, the crime of publishing incitement was resurrected through the prosecution of Tam Tak-chi (Fast Beat); the crime of incitement within the Hong Kong national security law was used against people like Tony Chung, founder and convenor of the localist student group Studentlocalism. These charges, which were never deployed before, or at least successfully used, are now birds in cages that are set free. The Hong Kong Commies are mimicking the CCP crimes of provoking troubles and inciting subversion of the regime as a means to suppress the freedom of speech.

CCP’s latest masterpiece in the area of suppressing freedom of speech is to send former chairman of Huayuan Property Co., Ren Zhiqiang, to prison for 18 years for four crimes of corruption, bribery, misappropriation of public funds, and abuse of power by employees of state-owned companies. The “true crime”of Ren Zhiqiang was that he criticized the CCP for concealing the Wuhan virus situation, and lambasted Xi Jinping by name as “the butt naked clown who insists on being the emperor”. During the Cultural Revolution, this kind of “crime” was the crime of maliciously attacking great leaders, or simply the offense of malicious attack, which could lead to direct sentencing; In this new Xi Jinping era, this is known as the political mistake of asking the weight of the cauldron of the central government. There is no direct charge in criminal law, so it has to be tried and charged as an economic crime.

It is not surprising that because Nabela Qoser was outspoken and has publicly demanded that Carrie Lam speaks like a human being, that transformed her into a thorn in the eyes of Carrie Lam’s government. On Sep. 8, after Tam Tak-chi was charged with the crime of publishing incitement, Carrie Lam was being asked how she viewed these prosecutions of people who criticize the government and officials. She claimed that “criticizing the Chief Executive would definitely not fall into these legal restrictions on freedom of speech”, and argued that the criticisms towards the SAR government and the Chief Executive on newspapers, digital media, and the Internet are innumerous, so how can one say that this, in particular, was a violation of the related legal provisions?

A government and its leader that has never reflected despite receiving a whole slew of criticisms, has never had any accountable officials step down, its shamelessness simply goes without saying. Although there is a myriad of criticisms, the thorns in the eye is none but individual media and individual reporters, among the former is RTHK, and among the latter is Nabela Qoser. RTHK coupled with Nabela Qoser adds up to an unpardonable sin.

Therefore, while Carrie Lam’s claim that criticizing the government and the Chief Executive is innocent still echoes, Nabela Qoser has been ordered to respond with a deadline as to whether to accept the extension of the civil service probation period for 120 days, and to reopen the investigation on her performance.

Nope, this was not criminal prosecution of criminal investigation at all, but it is only because even though Carrie Lam has admitted to being above the three powers of administration, legislature, and judiciary, she has not yet dared to claim to be the almighty core of the party, government, and military, to be at the same level as the one embodiment of authority, core, and leader that is called Xi Jinping. Directly imposing the crime of asking the weight of the cauldron and the crime of malicious attack on Nabela Qoser, other criminal charges will be added on for prosecution. However, suppressing Nabela Qoser violated the doctrines of freedom of speech and freedom of the press revered by Hongkongers, and triggered the crisis of introducing the “crime of malicious attack” to Hong Kong. Hongkongers are not going to remain silent. Will the Carrie Lam government insist on marching towards the path of no return?

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Angry journalists defend Qoser in meeting with embattled RTHK management

Apple Daily 13 October 2020.


Managers at the public broadcaster RTHK were peppered with questions from angry journalists on Monday demanding to know why one reporter, known for her blunt questioning style, has had her probations extended.

The confrontation occurred at a special staff meeting to discuss the controversy over Nabela Qoser, a reporter whose aggressive approach to questioning officials during press conferences has angered pro-government leaders, who describe her as “rude”.

In Monday’s meeting, the RTHK Programme Staff Union reportedly demanded an explanation from management over why Qoser is facing extra scrutiny: her normal three-year hiring probation as a civil servant was recently extended by a further 120 days. If she does not accept the extension, she will have to resign.

Union members noted that an earlier investigation cleared Qoser of any wrongdoing.

According to unnamed sources who attended Monday’s meeting, RTHK’s deputy director of broadcasting, Eugene Fung, told the journalists that the original investigation into Qoser’s work “lacked documentation”. A second review is necessary, he said, to determine whether she is fit to retain her job.

But he “will not assume she has committed a crime”, Fung added.

His comments outraged those attending the meeting, prompting his boss, Director of Broadcasting Leung Ka-wing, to apologize for Fung’s “wrong choice of words.” Qoser, who also attended the meeting, alleged that some complaints made against her were racist references to her Pakistani ethnic origin.

Qoser is best known for asking Chief Executive Carrie Lam to “answer like a human” during a press conference during the peak of the anti-government protests last year.

Pro-government viewers have complained that Qoser’s style is “biased” and “rude”, although she has also received thousands of notes from supporters who like her style.

Also on Monday, a group of Qoser’s supporters turned in a petition to RTHK containing 59,000 signatures.  The letter was handed over to Amen Ng man-yee, RTHK’s Head of Corporate Communications and Standards.

Government-funded Radio Television Hong Kong has been under the spotlight in recent years for an alleged erosion of editorial freedoms. The broadcaster was formed in 1976 under British rule modeled on the United Kingdom’s BBC, but pro-Beijing politicians have repeatedly accused its journalists of being too critical of the government.

Journalists in Hong Kong are facing heightened risks under the new national security regulation, which outlaws comments deemed to be subversive. Many believe that Qoser may have been singled out for criticism for her apparent support for the pro-democracy protests last year.

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