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CCP crushing Hong Kong’s freedoms as repression deepens

WTPOHK's thanks to Human Rights Watch for their support for democracy and human rights in Hong Kong (HK) and for Apple Daily and Jimmy Lai for publishing this article.

This is totalitarian CCP's 'structral violence' and hostage taking as terrorists who are now exporting their abuse globally in an attempt to create the nationalist Middle Kingdom where Emperor Xijinping sits holding court over the world!

The stronger we are, the harder the challenges we must face to lift ourselves up spiritually. HK people are strong. Gai yau!

'China crushing Hong Kong’s freedoms as repression deepens: Human Rights Watch'

Apple Daily 14 January 2021

[CCP's] China is crushing Hong Kong’s freedoms as repression in the country has deepened severely in recent years under President Xi Jinping, international NGO Human Rights Watch said in its annual report.

The report included a string of incidents from last year, such as the arrests of activists and Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai, detention of 12 Hongkongers in mainland China without access to lawyers, journalists being denied visas, suspension of a popular Radio Television Hong Kong political satirical program and banning of protest slogans, among other events.

None of the police officers who were alleged to have used excessive force during the 2019 protests have been held accountable, the report also noted.

The NGO said the national security law was the “most aggressive assault on human rights” in Hong Kong since the transfer of sovereignty in 1997. The Chinese government bypassed local legislature to enact the law, which “creates specialized secret security agencies, denies people fair trial rights, provides sweeping new powers to the police, increases restraints on civil society and the media, and weakens judicial oversight,” it said.

The law was in fact a “Communist Party Security Law” to silence lawmakers and other Hongkongers fighting for democracy, with many having been jailed or forced to go into exile since the legislation’s enactment, said HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth. Hong Kong is a special place and the situation was outrageous and sad, he added.

2020 was a depressing year for Hong Kong, said HRW China Senior Researcher Maya Wang. Hong Kong’s civil society is quickly deteriorating, with citizens afraid to discuss politics in public over worries that they may violate the national security law.

In the 761-page report, close to 20 pages were used to discuss the human rights situation in mainland China. The crackdown of human rights in the country, along with the role China played in the global pandemic with its initial cover-up of COVID-19, have generated growing international mobilization against Beijing’s rights record, the NGO said.

China’s efforts to erase the unique identity of Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims in the region persisted, it said. Although some political education camps appear to have shut down and detainees were “released” following global outrage, an unknown number of Turkic Muslims have remained in detention and imprisoned solely on the basis of their identities. Some “released” Uighur detainees have been forced to work in factories and fields inside and outside Xinjiang, the report added.

Countries across the globe have started to understand that China’s human rights breaches harm the whole world, said Sophie Richardson, the China director of HRW. This realization should be turned into support for independent investigations in Xinjiang and advocacy for the United Nations to have a new role to monitor the situation, she said. China’s days being unpunished for human rights violations should end, she added.

Tibetan authorities have also continued to severely restrict religious freedom, speech, movement and assembly in the region, with Tibetan-medium instruction being phased out in primary schools and intensified surveillance and intimidation in neighborhoods, workplaces and homes, HRW noted.

The report also condemned China for its crackdown on human rights defenders as well as its expansion of internet censorship and mass surveillance, including through the implementation of the health code system.

Western countries, such as those in the European Union, could do more to influence China’s human rights situation, Wang added.

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