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Carry On Carrie

The lighthearted Carry On series primarily consists of 31 British comedy motion pictures (1958–1978 and 1992), four TV Christmas specials, a television series of thirteen episodes, and three stage plays.

This is intended to be a light hearted blog : How fitting that the Chief Executive (CE) of the former British colony of Hong Kong (HK) models herself on the 'Carry On' series!

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Carrie Lam has vowed, despite an admission of causing 'unforgivable havoc' in the SAR, staggeringly low poll ratings, and massive protests against her and her government, to stay in office. She has carried on as only Carrie can do! We have not forgotten that she once said she would quit as CE 'if she could'! She not only maintains face for herself, but also for the HK institution of CE, and for CCP's political show.

Like most politician's promises, we know that Carrie's words, like her vow to "restore HK from chaos", will probably be laced with hidden dastardly intentions, or watered down in its delivery, or otherwise completely forgotten when it suits her.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 100% wholly owns and acts in the mainland Chinese show - that we suggest is a dark 'comedy' - which has been playing continuously in China since 1949. It's just like the UK's "Carry On" series, but with 'Chinese characteristics' in which CCP killed over 77million Chinese citizens. CCP has no legitimacy except as a 'Carry On' comedy, and CCP's 'plots' and 'narratives' should not be explained otherwise.

However, if you prefer to look at this from a more 'serious' perspective perhaps consider that CCP are the farmers, the Chinese people are the animals and this is 'human farming'. We note that Orwell's "Animal Farm" has become become a very popular book in HK, followed closely by his "1984". It's apparently something about art and literature reflecting real life. Events in HK since 2019 coincide with the view of the China Tribunal that found CCP's China responsible for genocide against its Xinjiang Uyghur Muslim minority.

There have been four HK CE's so far:

  • None has completed a second show (term)

  • Each had worse results than their predecessor (less popular)

  • One has gone to prison for corruption

  • Another should have gone to prison for corruption

Let's delve into the four 'stars' of communist HK's 'Carry On' comedy show so far:

1. Tung Chee-hwa (Tung CH)

Shanghai born (3 July 1937) Tung CH is the eldest son of Tung Chao-Yung (Tung CY), the founder of shipping line 'Orient Overseas Line' (OOL, later renamed 'Orient Overseas Container Line'). In what can best be described as a 'comedy of errors', because despite Tung CY as a KMT supporter moving in 1949 to Taiwan to escape from CCP, his son Tung CH ended up as HK's first CE!

In 1972 Tung CY was spending a fortune on 'Seawise University' which was a conversion of 'RMS Queen Elizabeth', the ocean liner he acquired for US$3.5million and insured for US$8million. The ship caught fire in 1972 in HK harbour : The insurance was paid. Questions as to why multiple fires started on the vessel have never been adequately answered.

After taking over the family business in 1981 following the death of his father, it was rumoured that by 1985 Tung CH's micro-managing was leading OOL into bankruptcy. Tung CH was helped by Henry Fok , an indigenous Tanka who many suggest was a smuggler, to obtain 'financing' from the CCP. Flipping Tung CH from Taiwan CCP gained a feather in their cap.

Tung CH employed three "isms" in his election campaign, namely Confucianism, elitism and nationalism. Tung CH was HK's first CE starting on 1 July 1997. He served 1 term and resigned for 'health' reasons part of the way through his second term : He failed to impose Article 23 national security law in HK.

2. Donald Tsang (Mr. bow tie)

Civil Servant. Donald Tsang never had an original thought in his entire life - he was told what to do by his master and he did it. After one term as CE Donald went to prison for corruption ( the prosecution was pushed by CY Leung) : Finally on appeal his conviction was overturned. Some people suggest he should have stayed in prison.

3. Leung Chun-ying (CY)

Building Surveyor. He was nominated because Beijing's favourite candidate Henry Tang had been doing a little illegal digging under his expensive Kowloon Tong house. CY has a black heart. While in office he was illegally paid HK$50 million, lied, got others to lie for him and likely will never spend time behind bars. He needs to be locked up. He loves wacky conspiracy theories because he is one!

4. Carrie Lam (CLam)

When Carrie Lam faced an angry crowd, hand-chosen to speak at a public consultation after the 2019 protests erupted, many people spoke their mind :

“You may be a really smart official, and I believe you are really tough — but you are not fit to rule,” one woman said, drawing hearty applause from the audience.

There was widespread public cynicism surrounding the session even before Mrs. Lam stepped onstage at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in the Wan Chai neighborhood. Given that Mrs. Lam largely serves at the pleasure of the Chinese leadership in Beijing, she will most likely be unable to satisfy a primary demand of young protesters: genuine democracy. That point was made abundantly clear on Wednesday by a top Chinese official at the Foreign Ministry’s Hong Kong office, who told reporters that further concessions [to protesters] were out of the question. (NY Times, 26 September 2019)

Carrie needs to serve second term as HK CE so she can do as much damage as possible to CCP! Carry On Carrie!!

Jeremiah B. and Pepe.

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