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Boosting natural immunity : After mRNA vaccinations induce COVID-19

Dr John Campbell on his YouTube channel has done wonders to calm people during COVID-19. Thanks John!

This blog is intended to stimulate our critical thinking of what we need and could be doing for our own personal as well as public health.

The 2019 paradigm shift is symbiotic for Earth and all onboard her .

Take personal responsibility to naturally boost our immune system AND get vaccinated AND stop becoming overly 'vaccine-dependent'.

We need to acknowledge and accept that today around the world COVID-19 is worse now than it has ever been.

COVID is helping humanity - if only we humans can see that we must live with and find the way of the 2019 paradigm shift.

FIRSTLY : We all need to follow the basic 'Non-Pharmaceutical Initiatives' (NPI) that has always helped humanity against coronaviruses when we are outside of our 'safe bubble' (e.g. home, etc). COVID transmits through air, surfaces and faeces :

+ Always wear a face mask (ideally reusable). Face masks protect everyone especially including those who are too young, too old or immune deficient and unable to be vaccinated. Face masks allow in small doses of innoculines, rather than the illness causing large doses which causes COVID-19 : These innoculines over time build up antibodies which are used by our natural immune system to prevent COVID-19 ;

+ Always maintain social distancing (e.g. limited number of 'safe' contacts, minimum 2 metres, stay away from crowded and badly ventilated areas, etc);

+ Often wash hands with soap, sanitizer or alcohol (95%);

+ Do not touch our eyes or face when outside our bubble;

+ Do not use unclean and unventilated toilets.

SECONDLY : As responsible individuals and community members, we must always take personal responsibility for building up our natural immunity system:

+ Dr John Campbell and others have highlighted supplements such as vitamins C, D and Zinc to support a healthy immune system to prevent COVID-19;

+ Live a healthy, stress-free fulfilling life in harmony with all others and the Earth.

THIRDLY : When the Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 outbreak occurred in 2019 in China we did not have any vaccines through until the end of December 2020. Now we have USA FDA fully approved vaccines (ages 12-85+) for a public health vaccination program to eradicate COVID-19. Where possible, we need to ensure we get vaccinated with the highest efficacy, safe and reliable, fully approved vaccines: Currently these are only the new tech mRNA vaccines.

Vaccinations must be used according to international best practice programs which requires 70%+ of the world's human population to be fully vaccinated with high efficacy vaccines at the same time. 2022 is likely to be the year we start to see mandatory vaccination programs : Otherwise, COVID will not not be eradicated soon, let alone in the long term!

FOURTHLY : While being fully vaccinated, many people are facing with 'waning' vaccine efficacy over time AND increased transmissibility and strength of the ever mutating virus variants : Delta variant is certainly not the last and most powerful COVID mutation. The longer this pandemic continues and becomes locally endemic, the greater the threat is to public health globally.

This is boosted by our own lack of awareness of the paradigm shift, the role of COVID, and our separation from our true selves, from all others and the Earth.

Perhaps, we should consider either boosting our vaccines with a third shot AND / OR 'inducing' COVID-19 to boost their own natural immunity :

+ A practical method 'to induce COVID' may be to continue using face masks as our economies and bubbles open up (i.e. tiny innoculines rather than massive COVID inducing exposure);

+ Wider public awareness and testing of antibodies are needed as tools for public health and for boosting of our natural immunity. This in turn can improve our resistance to COVID and reduce overall costs for COVID eradication;

+ Vaccine-dependency can be unhealthy for everyone.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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