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Beware: Wikipedia.org narratives on HK protests are mostly CCP's

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Beware: not everything you read or watch anywhere and everywhere is a 'truthful' and 'neutral' narrative which is supported by critical thinking, facts and evidence!

We heard that Chinese Communisty Party (CCP) invests heavily in propaganda to ensure as much of the internet as possible is full of its narrative! CCP is a virus that creates viruses!

While writing one of our lengthiest and arguably most important blogs 'people of Hong Kong make the place' it became increasingly clear to WTPOHK that our goto Wikipedia.org narrative is biased. Most often Wikipedia is a CCP and HK government narrative and not always 'truthful' or 'neutral' in its version of events.

For example, CCP narrative refers to HK's peaceful protests as being 'violent' or 'rioters' - something that the UN special rapporteur has also highlighted.

However, the Wiki entries do not always appear false because sometimes the Wikipedia.org narrative is neutral and is a truthful version of events as if it was narrated by Hong Kong (HK) protesters.

This is why relying on just one news source is always dangerous! For example, in HK since CCP's Jack Ma (now on the run or in prison?) purchased the 'South China Morning Post' (from Malaysian Robert Kwok) the SCMP is no longer HK's English language goto media. What is needed for everyone to have first hand knowledge or at least fact checking from a number of reliable international and local Press agents, etc.

Ultimately we ended up writing down in our blog, at least for our own benefit, as much as we can, a more neutral and truthful version of the events and therefore this is closer to a HK protesters' narrative.

His-story (history) is something we all need to be openly sharing comparing in open free speech: something we are now unable to do in HK under the CCP and communist HK government! We also must have Her-story and our Children-story to make the ultimate which is Our-story (ourstory)!

Please read our blog:

People of Hong Kong make the place!

Notes on Wikipedia:

  1. In general we find that Wikipedia.org can be informative and helpful as a first go-to for references.

  2. However, we find that Wikipedia is lacking in terms of accurate local context and facts of Hong Kong's political protest events that we have been seeking references to. Therefore, we have obtained sources of local knowledge who have added greatly to Wikipedia's content.

  3. In some instances, for example, Wikipedia article '2019–20 Hong Kong protests' it is clear to us that what is written in this Wikipedia article is not only inaccurate at times, but it is factually incorrect AND it portrays the protesters in a negative light - i.e. that under international law HK people have the right to peaceful protest, assembly, freedom of speach, freedom of press, etc. but this is not explained nor accepted by the writers!

  4. Second paragraph of the introduction says "On 16 June, just one day after the Hong Kong government suspended the [extradition] bill...." WRONG! The 'extradition' bill was NOT suspended on 15 June 2019 because to officially 'suspend' the bill would have required for it to be withdrawn officially inside the Legislative Council. Soon after the violence and illegal action of police on 12 June 2019, details of the full violations of the police were submitted in a 28 June 2019 UN letter sent to China by special rapporteur - and of course CCP never answers to its own loss of face!

  5. The 'bill' in question was in short form referred to in HK as the 'extradition bill'; the protests referred to as 'anti-extradition law' (AEL) BUT never as described in Wikipedia article '2019–20 Hong Kong protests' as the 'Fugitive Offenders amendment bill' because its full title was always referred to as being "Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019 (2019年逃犯及刑事事宜相互法律協助法例(修訂)條例草案). It's possible this Wikipedia article maybe inaccurate for political reasons. We ask everyone to consider whether this is CCP AND HK GOVERNMENT NARRATIVE.

  6. Having said all this, in general, to get a VERY rough idea of events maybe Wikipedia is okay? Just be aware of who is pushing what narrative!

  7. WTPOHK will continue to push the 'Uphold the Joint Declaration' narrative!


How do HK parents explain CCP's narrative and education to their children??

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