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All HKers, including Leung Kin-Fai 梁健輝, are victims of CCP and HK government tyranny

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Credit: Reddit u/miss_wolverine. Man with AMAZING banner was told by police his sign is 'stepping on the red line a bit' !

The issues that arise from CCP and HK government behaviour are complex, and need to be teased out separately to expose the tyranny.

Faced with tyranny, how are we to respond?

The UN supreme human right is the ICCPR "right to life". The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Hong Kong (HK) government are not complying with their UN international treaties and other obligations. First and foremost, both have failed to lawfully meet their UN obligations to ensure all HK people have their "right to life" : They have failed to ensure the "right to life" for both the injured unnamed policeman and the deceased Leung Kin-Fai 梁健輝.

Both Mr. Leung, and the unnamed policeman who was stabbed as well as all HKers are ultimately victims of the tyranny of the nationalist totalitarian CCP and HK government. Their tyranny has already been alleged by UN special rapporteurs - so far CCP's China has not replied to these letters nor addressed the issues the UN has raised (please see links below).

The HK government operates without accountability, and we see that those within its ranks, including officers of the Police force, are being rewarded despite their abject failure in effective governance.

CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping and HK government's Chief Executive Carrie Lam (CLam) are the primary sources of HK's current problems : The world's worst ever totalitarian regime CCP has since 1949 killed over 77million Chinese people. Xi Jinping must be held personally accountable for his role in numerous human rights violations inside and outside of China.

Since 1 July 1997 CCP and HK government has failed to meet UN international treaty obligations including the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law : i.e. CCP and HK government are unlawful and must be held accountable.


An example of HK police extrajudicial killing

On 8 May 2020 in Tsim Sha Tsui, HK, an unnamed Indian Sikh national, a Permanent HK resident, in an incident very similar to what happened to Africian-American George Floyd was arrested and whilst in custody was unlawfully killed by at least 3 HK police officers with knees to his neck and back (please see video from Apple Daily below).

Twitter Video source Apple Daily. Video of HK police illegal killing of Sikh man in TST.

This HK Permanent resident Indian male had his "right to life", and HK people have their UN right to truth!

There was no Coroner's Inquiry. There were no protests in HK over his death in custody. No policeman has been charged. Policemen killed this Indian man because they could get away with it : Chinese have a saying 'kill the chicken to scare the monkey'!

Police Commissioner Chris P.K. Tang in 2020 covered up this illegal killing and has since been promoted to Secretary of Security : Similarly the previous Secretary of Security John Lee has been promoted and is now Chief Secretary, the number two HK government official in HK. In HK absolute power absolutely corrupts!

Latest news concerning P.K. Tang: RTHK 6 July 2021 'Mourners for police attacker will become terrorists' details how Secretary of Security P.K. Tang, without evidence nor logic, continues his attacks on HK mourners practicing their UN human rights and culture!


The majority of HK people are pro-democatic HK protesters. This was proven in the 24 November 2019 District Council elections when candidates supported by HK protesters won 85% of seats. The minority are the HK Chinese elites who, by using unequal voting, control the illegitimate Legislative Council and with it HK government (Please read our blog '612 Hong Kong is still revolting').

In breach of UN international treaties, CCP is controlling HK : The will of HK people is currently NOT the authority of HK government as it must be under UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 20.3 :

"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures."

On 1 July 2020 CCP annexed HK using its unconstitutional rule BY law 'national security law' (NSL). Now, after 1 year under this draconian NSL, it is clear for its sole benefit CCP intends to maintain by structural violence the torture by coercion of its HK feudal Chinese plutocracy for 'stability and prosperity' : i.e. in HK CCP intends to remain in breach of China's UN international treaty obligations. In simple language, Xi Jinping does as he wishes to sustain his personal power and his faction's authority within the party, and anyone else's views, positions, laws can go to hell!

The stabbing on 1 July 2021 of a policeman by Mr Leung is unacceptable to the majority of HK people who are HK protesters, law-abiding people upholding the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law by peacefuly and non-violently protesting.

In the face of serious allegations made by UN special rapporteurs in their unanswered letters, anyone who says otherwise is most likely seeking personal benefits by promoting CCP's illegal rule BY law, mis-information and false narratives. It is logical in our view to point the finger at senior HK government employees, CLam, John Lee, P.K. Tang, etc. who all benefit from the continuing tyranny (please read references below). The sanctions imposed by the U.S. government were appropriate, and probably don't go far enough.

The death of all human beings and sentient beings under all circumstances must always be mourned by all others because we all live the life of the Universe.

HK people's mourning of Mr Leung is primarily for the death of a HK person who, like them, has for decades been abused by CCP, HK government and elites : The abusers, enablers and accomplices are all in denial that they are tyrants - this is their problem!

HK has its own unique culture - for which HK people have their ICESCR cutural rights - which includes respecting life as well as death.

In HK there are very strong Buddhist and Taoist beliefs which are part of its unique culture. For example, the rituals and beliefs of the needs and rights of a soul's journey after physical death is to return to the consciousness : The soul must be aided in its journey by the love of the soul's human family and community. In some Asian societies, which we believe includes HK, in addition to 'capitalism' and 'socialism' there is also Buddhist 'merit' : which in this life is the spiritual development of your soul for your next life, and the lives of your relatives. For some people Buddhist 'merit' is far more important than 'capitalism' or 'socialism'.

Undoubtedly the paradigm shift that caused COVID-19 tilted the balance even more in favour of Buddhist 'merit', for more people globally.

CCP is a religious cult that converts or kills non-believers. The HK police action of confiscation and of disrespect of Mr Leung's memorial tributes of flowers, and to those humans who brought him tributes, is a violation of the journey of Mr Leung's soul back to 'his maker' : CCP and HK government by violating these HK rituals and beliefs have unleashed a higher energy level, those responsible for karmic violations will pay sooner or later.

Clearly floral tributes are the substance of mourning and grief. What kind of goverment or authority would have the insensitivity and callousness to usurp people's freedom to express their sorrowful feelings? No government dared to clean up the floral tributes laid for Princess Diana, or Prince Phillip, or George Floyd for example.

Since the enactment of 1 July 2020 national security law this is the first time that HK government has backed down from its actions - which is why they have been busy pushing back again with their false narratives. CCP is a paper tiger!

Perhaps, this anniversary incident is a case in which Mr Leung, knowing full well his UN human rights had been violated by CCP and the HK government because of their unwillingness to adhere to the rule OF law, in the words of the Universal Declaration of Human rights Preamble "...felt compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression...."

HK people, although saddened, are not surpised at this stabbing and 'suicide' incident. HKers believe first and foremost that fault for the current HK situation, which includes this tragic stabbing and suicide incident, lies solely with the tyranny and oppression imposed on the population by CCP, HK government and HK Chinese elites.

HK people's have their UN right to truth - to know what took place, and to know about state-sponsored terrorism, including violations of human rights, forced disappearances, and torture which includes coercion for CCP's 'stability and prosperity.'

HK protesters have since June 2019 requested their '5 demands', which includes an independent Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the police and HK government actions since 9 June 2019.

Above all else HK people have their rights and freedoms under UN international treaties : The Joint Declaration and the rule OF law must be upheld for HK people to enjoy their 'stability and prosperity'. Failure to do this creates an 'unstable' and therefore 'unprosperous' HK which will continue to spiral downwards, socially and economically.

WTPOHK recommends :

+ To avert escalation of HK's humanitarian crisis we urge the United Nations (UN) to investigate all CCP and HK government breaches of UN obligations

+ To intervene by holding in HK a UN sanctioned MBC preferential multi-option referendum which would define the will of HK people and when acted upon would negate China's breach of the Joint Declaration therefore allowing this agreement to continue until 2047.

Mr Leung Kin-Fai 梁健輝 : A Coroners Inquiry is needed

Mr Leung was a 50 year old HK man who attacked and stabbed a policeman and then apprently gravely injured himself in an act of 'suicide', or of 'selfless-sacrifice' depending upon your view.

This is the best video of this incident yet shows very little of what happened to Mr Leung after he stabbed the policeman.

There has been no details released by the police or Press to explain the circumstances by which Mr Leung came to stab himself in the chest.

For example, was he under police pursuit, was he being grappled by officers? Was he shot? Was his stabbing an accident? Are we to trust the word of HKPF officers who themselves feel they have been attacked by Mr Leung?

According to pro-CCP HK English language newspaper SCMP five 'suicide' notes were found in which Mr Leung criticized the police, blamed the national security law for loss of freedoms in HK and said he would kill a policeman on 1 July 2021. Copies have not been made public (see references below).

Mr Leung committed an assault when he stabbed a policeman with a knife. It is unclear if he knew this policeman or if he there was any dispute between them. Irrespective, Mr Leung chose to injure the body of another human being.

Sadly at 11.20pm on 1 July 2021 Mr. Leung died in a HK hospital. R.I.P. Love and light.

Twitter This Twitter is 'concerning' because it implies that something is being covered up.

There are now credible voices suggesting that HK needs a Coroner's Inquiry into the death of Mr Leung to ensure the truth comes out (see references below).

Mr Leung was not a 'black clothed youth' : A favourite term the police like to use to arbitrarily harass, search and arrrest HK youth.

According to RFA reporting, “Initial investigations indicate that this is a lone wolf-style act of domestic terrorism,” secretary for security Chris Tang told reporters, blaming "many people who incite hatred against this country" (please see references below).

In addition to spreading fake news, this is a violation of ICCPR article 20 by a senior HK government official inciting hatred against foreign governments and foreigners. This HK government employee needs to present facts not fiction and to resign!

HK's 'domestic terrorism' is first and foremost from CCP and HK government against HKers which has been well documented by UN special rapporteurs (please see links below).

To HK protesters Mr Leung was not 'radicalized', he is not a 'domestic terrorist' : Mr Leung is just a normal HK person like millions of others who has been severely negatively affected by the tyranny and oppression of the CCP and HK government!

Little has been mentioned on the mental health problems now facing almost all HKers. Their city, once familiar to them, is now run by a foreign force. Its legal system has been usurped by an unelected emporer and his minions. Amidst the current pandemic, most HK people have learnt to vehemently distrust, despise and hate those in authority.

The majority of HKers or their forbears have historically already fled CCP's mainland China, seeking refuge in HK. Having fled from there, many feel they have now been caught and cornered in HK. The natural response when under attack is to either 'fight' or take 'flight'.

Perhaps Mr Leung expressed himself instinctively, the only way he knew how. This shows how massive the social problems are in HK and how dangerous the city has now become for everyone.

Stabbed unnamed policeman

Thankfully the injured unnamed policeman is alive but in a serious condition.

We wish the policeman a speedy recovery to full health!

The policeman is employed by HK government, controlled by CCP, who according to UN special rapporteur letters, are both accused of a wide range of human rights violations (please see links below).

HK policemen are highly paid and well supported by CCP as their primary means to inflict oppression and violence against all HK people. As a HK person this policeman would know at least the media's reports of allegations of violence and brutality made by HK people against the police.

Therefore, he has knowingly taken a job which pays well, and places him on the frontline to unlawfully act against UN international treaties including his own ICCPR "right to life" and perhaps those of other HK people whilst performing his duty. He took a risk to get his financial reward.

Emperor Xi Jinping's 1 July 2021 speech promoted fake news and violence. Photo by HKFP

China : Emperor Xi Jinping must be held accountable

CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping, by virtue of CCP's failures to comply with China's UN international treaties and other obligations, ultimately must be held responsible for the current situation of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the global pandemic disease it causes COVID-19 ; at a minimum human rights violations in HK, Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia and across all of China.

Increasingly his aggressive posture and unlawfulness is alienating the rules-based international order and community. CCP's China has no friends, only prostitutes, assassins and mercenaries they hire.

The Emperor's speech on 1 July 2021, in violation of the UN Charter and ICCPR, includes calls for violence against foreign governments and their nationals. He purposefully spread disinformation as part of CCP's ongoing propaganda campaign, likely to inspire and coerce Chinese nationalists globally to act on behalf of CCP!

Xi Jinping's comments from CCP's China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council with veto rights, are extremely dangerous for world stability and prosperity. The UN Security Council should at a minimum propose a motion to censure his speech and actions : Of course such a motion would fail, but he needs to lose face and be put on the public record. Too many media reports have understated CCP aggression, and misunderstood the wider aims and motivations of the party.

On 2 July 2021 RFA published findings of a Pew Research Center poll: 'The report comes as Beijing steps up overseas influence campaigns in a bid to sell the ruling party's version of the 'international order.'

"Large majorities in most of the advanced economies surveyed have broadly negative views of China," the report found. Negative opinions of China accounted for around 88 percent of respondents in Japan, 80 percent in Sweden, 78 percent in Australia, and 76 percent in the United States, the report said.

"Confidence in Chinese President Xi Jinping remains at or near historic lows in most places surveyed," the report found.

Fake news from CLam as always! Photo HKFP

Carrie Lam must be held accountable

In HK and China there is a state orchestrated drive for 'stability' using coercion as a means of torture caused by the structural violence of CCP's feudal Chinese plutocracy : i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which include arbitrary disappearances and arrests, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 pandemic source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, kangaroo courts, loss of HK freedoms, etc.

Since CLam rose to the position of CE in HK she has chosen to side with Beijing, with CCP. She and others have said that under the 'One country, two systems' principle, the country (the nation of China) must rule over all. Whether that is right or not is not the debate here. There are definite statutory and legal obligations that the HK government and CCP cannot dismiss or ignore, however they continually do so!

CLam became CE via a selection process rather than an election, and was the party's choice all along. The fact that she does not widely consult with grassroots people, and prefers to takes advice from the Executive Council who she appoints, means that from the outset governance in HK has operated in an elitist echo chamber. CLam has simply been a puppet for CCP.

Everything CLam has done against the will and wishes of the people of HK is an act of treason, that harms the prosperity and stability of the city - it undermines the ability of people to enjoy life in HK as a member of a civil, humane society under the rule OF law.

. . . . . o o o o o . . . . .

Since 9 June 2019 more than 10,000 HK protesters have been arrested including 117 arrested under the national security law.

On 6 June 2020 the majority of democratically elected District Councillors rejected CCP's 'national security law' for HK. HK people have lawfully rejected this law, therefore to comply with UN international treaties CCP and HK government MUST cancel this national security law.

The face of CCP's oppression as seen in HK are the police, directly controlled by CCP's security force acting under the unconstitutional rule BY law 'national security law'.

Todate, no policemen nor HK government official has been arrested nor charged with any form of misconduct since HK mass peaceful protests began on 9 June 2019. Even private prosecutions accepted by the Courts against some police officers have been taken over and then closed by the HK government's Department of Justice. It is characteristic of the HK government and the HKPF that once peaceful protesters, who were firstly branded as 'rioters' are now increasingly termed 'terrorists'. Further, the protesters' calls for greater democracy were unanswered and deliberately re-packaged by CCP as abhorent calls for separatism and independence.

Prior to the 2019 anti-extradition protests the previous political crisis in HK was the 1977 police mutiny : Police having been caught and facing prosecution for corruption by the 'Independent Commussion Against Corruption' (ICAC) armed themselves, mutinied, surrounded ICAC headquarters and demanded pardons. The British Governor, who without an Army to support him, begrudgingly had to oblige! This is the real face of HK police who have now twice in a row gone rogue!

The latest police budget has ballooned substantially under the NSL, without transparency. Furthermore, the operational arrangements involving the new NSL police division and other branches of the disciplinary forces are decidedly murky. All this has been rubber stamped by an unelected and unrepresentative Legislative Council at HK taxpayers' expense who never asked for what has been termed a 'police state'.

We underline again the importance, even now in July 2021, of some form of independent Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the police and HK government actions since 9 June 2019.

Despite the overall majority of HKers supporting democratic ideals, there are no pro-democratic lawmakers in the Legislative Council nor District Councillors. There is no democracy in HK!

We in HK simply do not accept CCP's 'mindfuck' - their claims that their "people's democratic dictatorship" is truly glorious, legitimate, fair, humane, honest, legal, workable, efficient, or sustainable. The CCP 's sociopathic nationalist narrative is pure facade, and increasingly seen for what it is.

There is no space in HK for any pro-democratic views in public life - including no debate in the Legislative Council nor District Councils by pro-democratic politicians. All leading HK pro-democrat politicians and activists are now either charged, on bail, convicted and serving sentences or in exile. There is much talk of supposed "red lines", but where they lie no one knows. In fact, like a bungy chord the line can stretch to ensnare anyone and everyone, since the NSL is so ill-defined, and broadly applied.

While we are meant to enjoy "freedom", the law instead has created a deepening climate of fear and anxiety acrcoss all sectors of society. There is NO freedom under this repressive and restrictive regime.

There is NO free press in HK! Jimmy Lai is in prison and his newspaper Apple Daily has been illegally shutdown by HK government and no longer publishes : All investors in HK be aware that there are now effectively no private property rights in HK!

HK government is in violation of UN human rights obligations during COVID-19. Protests are not allowed on the streets of HK because it is still under HK government's global pandemic COVID-19 'social distancing regulations' : Despite having very few local COVID-19 cases, HKers from China are allowed to enter without testing or quarantine. HK public listed company are allowed two Officers who can enter HK without testing or quarantine. Restaurants can seat banquets of upto 180 people, MTR and buses can be packed full : Yet on the street no more than four people are allowed to be together or they are classified as an 'illegal assembly' and subject to arrest, imprisonment, fine, etc.

In order to 'control' the COVID-19 global pandemic recent 2021 4 June and 1 July events in HK, thousands of police officers were dispatched and seen in massive throngs in specific protest hotspots (e.g. Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, Mongkok). Alarmingly sometimes even individuals like Alexandra Wong 'Grandma Wong' were harassed and arrested for innocuously carrying the Union Jack.

The 2014 'Umbrella movement' was the direct result of the CCP controlled National Peoples Congress Special Committee (NPCSC) decision on 31 August 2014 which reneged on CCP's 2007 promise to HK people to allow universal and equal suffrage for 2017 Chief Executive elections and for 2016 Legislative Council elections. CCP decision in 2014 was for 'selection committees' which is not according to HK's Joint Declaration and UN obligations of 'universal and equal suffrage elections'.

Under the guise of a response to global pandemic COVID-19 the CCP and HK government have stifled all HK voices including postponing 6 September 2020 Legislative Council elections, hollowed out four moderate lawmakers that lead to the subsequent walkout of all remaining pro-democratic lawmakers. To ensure control over HK laws and government budget CCP in 2020 then initiated to complete restructuring of LegCo by diminishing the number of Geographic Constituency seats from 30 to only 20 whilst adding a new large block of 40 seats for CCP 'Patriots'!

In defiance of UN international treaty obligations, HK's core political issue today remains what it has always been since 1 July 1997 handover to China : i.e. HK does not meet UN obligations of 'universal and equal suffrage elections' for the Chief Executive and LegCo. This is one of the protesters' unmet '5 demands'.

Senior HK government officials claim Leung's stabbing of a policeman was an act of 'domestic terrorism'

RTHK on 2 July 2021 reported “Initial investigations indicate that this is a lone wolf-style act of domestic terrorism,” [Secretary of Security] Tang told reporters after visiting the officer in the early hours of Friday. (Please see references below).

“It’s not just the assailant who has to be held responsible for this incident, but also the many people who customarily advocate violence, incite hatred against the country, and beautify these attacks – these acts of violence. In fact, these are the primary factors that have led to this unfortunate incident.”

“Besides the assailant, the people pushing him from behind… these peoples’ hands are also covered in blood,” he added.

In another presser Tang made the government's position clear - that it "condemned people whom he said were glorifying terrorism and encouraging violence"....and " said there were people trying to portray the suspect as a hero or even calling him a martyr online".

RTHK on 4 July 2021 reported 'Meanwhile, [ new Chief Secretary John Lee ] the former security chief slammed people who mourned a man who killed himself after attacking a policeman in Causeway Bay last Thursday, saying their action "sends a very wrong message" to society.

He said even if people are unhappy with the government, they must not endorse ‘terrorist activities’ and should instead air their views in a reasonable and lawful manner.

“Following the recent improvement of the local electoral system, people can express their views to legislators, members of the Fight Crime Committee or Area Committees,” he said, adding that the administration is doing its best to address people's plight.

Under HK's UN international treaties and the rule OF law all people are equal before the law : HK protesters uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law, whilst CCP and HK government do not.

The UN and all leading democratic countries recognize that HK's worst 'domestic terrorists' are the acts of tyranny of the unlawful CCP and HK government against law abiding HK peoples including protesters. (Please below read UN special rapporteur letters sent to China which remain unanswered).

If CCP and HK goverment's governance was working in HK to international standards there would have been no breaches of the Joint Declaration nor on 1 July 2020 an unconstitutional rule BY law 'national security law' : i.e. the 'national security law' is a form of 'domestic terrorisim' using structural violence under CCP's 'one country, two systems' policy by a foreign system, i.e. CCP's rule BY law.

CCP and HK government have since 1997 been directly engaging in acts of 'domestic terrorism' against peaceful law abiding HK people including :

  • Kidnapping and arbitrary detention of five Causeway Bay bookshop owners and staff

  • 21 July 2019 MTR Yuen Long train attack by triads

  • 31 August 2019 Prince Edward Road MTR attack by police

  • Seige in November 2019 of Chinese University and HK Polytechnic University

Examples of inequality before the law of 'domestic terrorism' by pro-Beijing supporters including lawmaker Junius Ho:

HK protesters remember in September 2017 pro-Beijing Legislative Council member Junius Ho Kwan-yiu, supported by rural leader Tsang Shu-wo, publicly called for 'independence activists' to be “killed without mercy”. Ho made the comments during a rally calling for the University of Hong Kong to sack law professor and Occupy Central founder Benny Tai, whom he and other [pro-Beijing] protesters say ignited civil unrest through the pro-independence movement. During the event, Ho said to reporters, “If [independence supporters] are not killed, what else are we to do?”

Ho was widely criticised at the time by almost all HK politicians for this incitement to violence and hate against HK protesters. CLam also criticised Ho. Ronny Tong SC, an Executive Council member, said that Ho may have violated the Public Order Ordinance, which criminalises disorder in public places. Seven months later the police announced there was 'insignificant evidence' and did not bring any charges against Ho nor anyone else.

In 2019 Ho played a leading role as a 'supporter' in the 21 July 2019 brutal attack by triads (organized criminals) on a MTR train in Yuen Long Station - he was never charged. In 2021 Ho is facing off against the LGBTQ community and the 2022 Gay Games in HK.

While selectively neglecting to recognize nor correct their own unlawful acts according to UN obligations, HK government senior officials, police and pro-Beijing supporters were very quick to condemn Mr Leung as a 'domestic terrorist' along with the majority of HK people who are HK protesters!

How is it that the majority of HK people are terrorists when under Universal Declaration of Human Rights the will of the people is basis of the authority of the government.

Some HK police, instead of lawfully doing their job of impartially enforcing the rule OF law according to their UN international treaty obligations, have instead chosen to be brainwashed by CCP and HK government officials into oppressing their fellow HK people's human rights and civil liberties. Each and every police officer must be held personally responsible for their own conduct under the law.

Side bar : We note a particular Police officer, after confiscating mourning flowers meant for Leung Kin-Fai, acted without restraint when thrashing the bouquet angrily against the pedestrian guard rail. In another incident caught on video, an officer is seen shouting in an abusive manner at a person detained in Causeway Bay for coming to mourn Mr Leung. Both incidents ocurring at a time when the HKPF are desperately trying to improve the perception that HKers have of them.

Despite UN special rapporteurs levelling serious allegations of misconduct against China todate no police nor other HK government employees have been charged with misconduct since anti-extradition protests began in June 2019. (Please see links below).


15 June 2021 HK protesters left flowers in rememberance of Marco Leung Ling-kit. Apple Daily photo.

In our blog '612 Hong Kong is still revolting' we posted this Apple Daily 15 June 2021 photo of HK people leaving tributes in memorial to Marco Leung Ling-kit who sadly passed away on 15 June 2020 by suicide. The point here is that the HK police, despite prohibiting public protest on 16 June 2021, did not stop the public tribute on 15 June 2021 to mourn the 1 year anniversary of the death of Marco Leung.

This is another clear case of the HKPF having double standards.

Police unlawfully prohibited acts of public mourning in memorial of the death of Mr Leung Kin-Fai 梁健輝

HKFP , in an article written by AFP on 4 July 2021 reported 'Hong Kong authorities on Sunday warned residents against mourning a man who killed himself after stabbing a policeman, saying that encouraging such memorials was the same as 'supporting terrorism''.

To the majority of HK people who are still protesters protesting this is unacceptable police abuse of their authority.

If there is a law or regulation that prohibits public mourning of anyone in HK then the police must provide and widely distribute such information : If there is no law or regulation then the police have to accept the public's right to mourning and stop their harassment, confiscation of flowers and their other illegal acts.

On 6 July 2021 CCP propaganda outlet RTHK reported that CLam had said “One has to ask yourself whether it fulfils the moral standard for somebody to mourn a person who deliberately attacked and wanted to kill a policeman on duty. I think that’s very obvious,” she said. “If that is immoral, certainly I would want to see Hong Kong people refraining from conducting that sort of immoral acts which might intentionally or unintentionally have the undesirable impact of inciting more people to do that sort of acts or behaviours.”

CLam's answer, without reference to any law or regulation, proves there is currently no law nor regulation prohibiting public mourning over the death of Mr Leung ! This incident demontrates clearly the torture by coercion that CCP and HK government are now using against HKers.

CLam knows a lot about supposed 'immorality' - probably this is a case of the 'pot calling the kettle black'!

Photo gallery of first days of HKers mourning Mr Leung's death

Twitter Many citizens showed up to SOGO with white flowers, hoping to pay respect to the late Mr. Leung Kin-Fai. Police would immediately throw away the white flowers or charge them with violations of the [social distancing regulation] 599G ordinance, a HK$5k fine.

Reddit A family of 4 in HK with tribute flowers for Mr Leung was surrounded by police.

We should remind you that under current social distancing regulations it is illegal for people to gather in group of more than four.

Reddit A Secondary School student alone with tribute for Mr Leung was stopped and ID checked 4 times by HK police.

Reddit A lone woman in HK carrying white flowers as tribute for Mr Leung is surrounded by police.

Reddit HK policemen illegally confiscates (i.e. steals) Mr Leung's memorial flowers from a lone mourner.

Twitter Photo 1 of 2: In Causeway Bay this woman placed her chrysanthemums flowers on the ground and was then surrounded by police. She knelt down and cried out emotionally 'what did I do wrong?'

Twitter Photo 2 of 2: In Causeway Bay this woman placed her chrysanthemums flowers on the ground and was then surrounded by police. She knelt down and cried out emotionally 'what did I do wrong?' Here are all the police watching one woman!

Source: Reddit u/miss_wolverine. Police arbitrarily harass, stop, search and even confiscate memorial flowers intended for Mr. Leung.

Reddit Police removed white flowers left as tribute for Mr Leung by mourners. ‘The whole van is full of flowers!’ a policeman said.

Photo gallery of 7th day (頭七) of HKers mourning Mr Leung's death

Twitter On the 7th day (頭七) of the anniversary of the death of Mr Leung Police presence, uniformed and plain clothed, outside SOGO Causeway Bay to stop HKers public mourning : Many uniform police are the 'elite' special forces blue berets.

Reddit HK police threatened this woman and her white flowers with NSL

Source: Stand News https://m.facebook.com/standnewshk/photos/a.720050934747196/4325771624175091/?type=3&source=48 Today at 5:30pm by SOGO, yet another citizen with white flowers was stopped by HK police. The police told her "everyone knows what your white flowers meant!"

The police warned her that, she could be charged with National Security Law and inciting violence if she speaks with any reporter. They also said if she starts to pray, she would be considered as inciting others to follow her behaviour. She is then told that, if she puts the flower on the ground, she would be ticketed for littering. (I think it's $1500HKD fine, so roughly $200USD).

She showed up with white flowers as it's the 7th day of Mr. Leung's death as per lunar calendar. (It is believed that on the 7th day, the soul would return to visit their loved ones.)

Seriously there are 8 cops in just one photo. Imagine many more on the street. Ridiculous.

Twitter On the 7th day anniversary (頭七) of Mr. Leung's suicide attack, police officers wearing tactical vests are guarding this single electric box, a spot popular with citizens who laid down white flowers of tribute in memory and respect for the deceased.

Reddit u/MistyMystery This woman was stopped by HK police for carrying a bunch of Garlic Chives outside SOGO.

Source: Stand News

Brief translation + explanation: Today July 7 is day 7 (頭七) of Mr. Leung's death. As per Asian customs, the dead soul would return on day 7 of their death to see their loved ones once more before leaving to start their next life. The HK police stopped and questioned her on why she was carrying so much chives. At some point the woman became agitated, took a flower out of her purse and started praying and bowing on the spot, and claimed to be frightened. She was eventually released after the HK polices gave her a verbal warning. She refused to comment to the reporter and went inside SOGO afterwards.

u/MistyMystery: Meaning behind the garlic chives (internet slang): 割韭菜 - means to reap people; chives refer to the Chinese commoners who are easily deceived and exploited by CCP and rich businessmen in China; used to be most commonly used in stock market context. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E9%9F%AD%E8%8F%9C

u/MistyMystery: My own guess: The woman in the photo didn't comment on why she was carrying chives, but I think she was probably carrying it to be sacarstic, implying that the HK polices are chives that would eventually be reaped by the HK government.

HK protest movement is alive and doing well in HK!

In 2019 our world went through a paradigm shift into 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency' which supports pluralism and democracy : As a religious cult, CCP and their enablers still live and breath their feudal Chinese plutocracy believing only in their narratives and propaganda - which is their greatest weakness.

Mainland CCP officials who are running HK are dancing for the purpose of being approved by only one person, Emperor Xi Jinping. The emperor does not want to see nor read news that there are people in HK or anywhere else who are not following his orders - after all the entire world revolves around the middle kingdom and his throne! He alone is the rule BY law ruler.

Since June 2019 protests CCP and their minions the HK police have become used to their unrestrained bullying and crushing of HK protesters. They are euphoric in their abuse, lies, narratives, gaslighting, batons, guns, assaults, violence, unconstitutional laws, breaches of UN international treaties, etc. - all without even one of them being arrested or charged as they would be in any law abiding civil society!

As a virus CCP feeds upon and devours humanity in much the same way as SARS-CoV-2 dominates the human immune system.

The stabbing of a fellow police officer on 1 July 2021 by a mere 'cockroach' - the local term HK police use for protesters - is simply too much for the fragile ego of CCP and HK police!

The 'authority' in HK does not come from the barrel of a CCP gun - it comes from the will of HK people : That's what the 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights' says and what CCP and HK government are obliged under international treaties to follow!

When CCP, HK government and the police demanded HK people give them 'face' by not publicly mourning the death of Mr Leung, HK citizens LAWFULLY continued to mourn his death BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING THE CCP NOR HK 'AUTHORITIES' CAN DO TO CHANGE THE LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE - THEY SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY!!

HK people, as an integral part of the Universe, demand that our inherent human dignity is respected by CCP and HK government!


UN intervention is needed to avert a HK humanitarian crisis

HK protesters are part of HK civil societies' non-violent protest movement and therefore most HKers do not condone Mr. Leung's violent attack on a police officer on 1 July 2021.

However, this is subject to change should the HK situation deteriorate further - something we can guarantee will happen based upon what CCP has done in other autonomous regions of China including Tibet, Xinjiang, and Mongolia and is now threatening to do in democratic Taiwan !

HK people will not stop protests in HK and around the world. High vaccine hesitancy rates for COVID-19 vaccinations amongst HKers is an example of HK protests, along with emigration, not investing, not working, not having childen, etc.

Right now, CLam and CCP are either in denial of the truth, or they are incapable of seeing the error of their ways, or both! CCP is hitched to HK and is dragging the city over a cliff.

If the roots of the political problems impacting the majority of HK people are not extensively investigated by a respected and independent third party, such as the United Nations (UN), and resolved by intervention, there will undoubtedly be greater problems for everyone in HK.

WTPOHK recommends :

+ To avert escalation of HK's humanitarian crisis we urge the United Nations (UN) to investigate all CCP and HK government breaches of UN obligations

+ To intervene by holding in HK a UN sanctioned MBC preferential multi-option referendum which would define the will of HK people and when acted upon would negate China's breach of the Joint Declaration therefore allowing this agreement to continue until 2047.

Our love, respect and support always for all prisoners of conscience everywhere : gai yau (add oil).

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:


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