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All adults are culpable : HK's murdered 5 year old daughter Chan Siu-lam

Updated: May 5, 2021

Baby Chan Siu-lam R.I.P. We pray for your soul. This is our problem, not yours - you are an innocent child - thank you for your light. Love and light always!

The only future is our children!

Hong Kong (HK), like many places in the world, has child abuse. That does not mean it is acceptable and can be ignored. This is something the CCP and HK government would prefer the world does not learn about in their 'harmonious' Chinese wonderland of make-believe that it illegitimately calls 'Asia's World City'.

For decades the worst offenders of child abuse in HK is the government : CCP's structural violence of HK government's monolithic power structure is killing HK children! Genocide of our children is taking place in HK!

Hong Kong (HK) pro-democracy protesters uphold the Joint Declaration and its rule OF law.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Hong Kong (HK) government are in breach of the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law : Today communist HK only has CCP's arbitrary rule BY law as exampled by its 'national security law'.

To date CCP has killed at least 77 million Chinese citizens - it is the world's worst ever totalitarian regime.

HK, like China, is a feudal Chinese plutocracy : HK has never been a democracy!

Since 2019's peaceful anti-extradition bill protests, the HK government has escalated its child abuse by repeatedly violating HK children's ICCPR, ICESCR and United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) including:

+ Brainwashing, especially in education, as a form of torture and assimilation is now being used by CCP in HK to change children's natural feelings by replace them with 'CCP-friendly feelings';

+ Closing down 'child-safe spaces' in kindergartens, schools, playgrounds and others : These were the safe-spaces that nurtured our children's feelings and helped them to find the way to grow positively as humane beings;

+ HK children are increasingly unable to positively deal with their own feelings;

+ Arbitrary arrest and incarceration of children.

HK children on 'National Education Day' 15/4/2021 re-enacting police assault 31/8/2019 on Prince Edward MTR.

HK children are now being spoon fed CCP's lies and BS through communist HK's assimilation based 'education' system! Reported by Apple Daily on 8 April 2021 an example of the abuse of CCP and HK government of HK children is the recent re-enactment by children, using toy guns (see picture above), during the so called 'national security education day' of the brutal attack by police on Price Edward MTR train passengers on 31 August 2019.

Unacceptably the HK government by teaching children and providing them with 'toy' weapons is endorsing and teaching children that the illegal assault by police on HK citizens as witnessed in the above video is acceptable behaviour!

Father knows best in HK's feudal Chinese plutocracy! The central issue in HK of child abuse by relatives may be that some ethnic Chinese parents do not separate their identity from that of their children : These adults do not recognize nor respect that their child(s) has an identity and human rights entirely separate from themselves.

This is largely because the HK government has done nothing under its UN obligations to ensure the education and awareness building of HK's general public to UN Universal values, democracy and human rights.

All adults must ensure that their United Nations human rights obligations and those of their children are being provided by the State : Ultimately all humans are ONE with Earth and the Universe!

No human rights in life nor death for HK's five year old daughter Chan Siu-lam

For this blog we reference SCMP published newspaper articles (i.e. not available online) of 15/1/2018 “The children suffering in silence”; 26/4/2017 "Doing right by children".

HK early January 2018 five year old girl Chan Siu-lam who had suffered from at least 6 months of horrific abuse and neglect by her family tragically died from septicaemia. She had 133 injuries on her body including having been poked in her chest with scissors and bounced off the ceiling by her father! Her older brother had also been abused. Her half-sister, the daughter of her step-mother, had not been abused.

SCMP photo of 5 year old Chan Siu-lam's funeral.

Immediately after Lam's tragic death there were four more child abuse cases reported to police in the following three days!

Child abuse did not suddenly stop in HK after these reports : most likely the HK government just stopped reporting child abuse cases!

Chan Siu-lam's father and step-mother were charged with Lam's murder and on 13 April 2021 were both convicted, and then on 20 April 2021 sentenced to life imprisonment. Lam's step-grandmother was convicted of two charges of neglect and on 20 April 2021 sentenced to 5 years in prison.

RTHK reported on 13 May 2021 "Justice Albert Wong has ordered that the identity of the couple and their relatives be kept confidential to protect the children".

Sweeping dirt under the carpet only makes the problem worse!

WTPOHK suggests because another child has tragically died from abuse and neglect in the hands of her family so the realities of HK must be made public to shame the family, HK as a society, the HK government, HK's political system and CCP to finally bring child abuse and neglect out into the open.

Since 2019 by far the worst offenders for child abuse in HK are the CCP and HK government : HK protesters know which is just another of many reasons why HKers have been protesting for decades!

HK children must be provided with care and protection under the rule OF law. Meaningful changes must be made in HK according to its UN obligations including ICCPR, ICESCR and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). CRC was ratified for HK in 1994 but NOTHING has been done by HK government for the care and protection of HK children!

Update: RTHK 4 May 2021 'Woman jailed for 30 months for abusing her children'

"[Judge said]..the defendant was obviously not remorseful as she had laughed at her seven-year-old son after pouring hot water over his face and forehead.

The mother even live-streamed the abuse to her husband through a video call, Lo noted.

The judge said the incident caused substantial injuries to the two children, including a scald measuring 20 cm by 20 cm on her son’s back, as well as burns and redness on her 10-year-old daughter’s scalp.

Other wounds – believed to have been the result of past abuse – were also found on the children’s bodies.

“It’s always been said that the court has the responsibility to protect children, while violence to children must be deterred,” the judge said."



January 2000 death in UK of Victoria Climbie from family abuse and neglect

Victoria Climbie (2000), UK, died from abuse.

In UK in 2000 eight year old Victoria Climbie died of 128 injuries she suffered from abuse and neglect from her great aunt and the woman's boyfriend.

British public were outraged at Victoria's tragic death and demanded changes to child care and protection.

What was more appalling than her death was that during a statutory inquiry into Victoria's death it was revealed care workers had missed at least 12 chances to save her.

Victoria's tragic death lead to a public inquiry and prompted an overhaul of the British child protection system, paving the way for the introduction of the Children Act 2004. This eventually lead to the creation of a Children's Commission which is now required under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

HK was a British colony and it is reasonable to suggest that there still remains some similar issues in HK of common law and of goverance.


In HK there hasn't been public outrage and demand for changes against child abuse and neglect

There has been very little public outcry in HK against the current state of lack of legislation, policy and practices for the human rights of children including under UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The fundamental problem for Hong Kong (HK) is that it is a feudal Chinese plutocracy and as such does NOT have the rule OF law of a democracy to ensure support or the well being of the most vulnerable and marginalised peoples : i.e. adults living below the poverty line, elderly, all childen, minorities groups, etc.!

HK's social problems stem primarily from its lack of compliance with UN obligations ICESCR as highlighted in HK having the most unaffordable housing in the world along with one of the largest gaps between rich and poor.

HK is a feudal Chinese plutocracy i.e. father knows best! The central issue in HK may be that some ethnic Chinese parents do not separate their identity from that of their children. These adults do not recognize and respect that their child(s) has an identity and human rights entirely separate from themselves. This is a form of structural violence in a family, society and State.

Recent history of child abuse and neglect in HK

Most disturbingly since the start in June 2019 of anti-extradition bill protests there were numerous accounts that still today remain unresolved involving the police in acts of sexual harassment, sexual violence or rape of children and / or youth including:

HK urgently needs an independent Commission of Inquiry into HK government and police actions since 1 June 2019 : This is one of HK protesters '5 demands'. [https://www.wethepeopleofhk.com/post/the-evolution-of-a-police-inquiry ]

Despite ICCPR recommendations HK does not have a law banning corporal punishment of children in all settings : In 2018 a total of 53 countries had banned corporal punishment in all settings including homes.

A study by the University of Hong Kong from the early 2000's estimated that about 70,000 children in HK are subjected to 'severe violence' by their parents each year, and these cases were almost always unreported.

2016 figures show total of 892 cases of child abuse in HK.

In HK shelters for taking in abused children are constantly full - with homes for mentally disabled children at 98.4% full.

In HK a total of 71 students suicided (i.e. took their own lives) from 2013 - 2016. In 2013 UN Committee on the Rights of the Child made recommendations to reduce the stress on children from HK's competitive education system.

In 2017 Billy Wong of 'Hong Kong Committee on Childrens Rights' said annually more than 10 children are dropped from a height or even killed as a result of parental substance abuse over the past 3 years.

Other reported cases of HK child abuse includes:

  1. 1986 five year old girl Kwok Ah-nui in which Director Anson Chan's Social Welfare Department forceably entered the girls home to seize Nui who had been left alone everyday chained to a bed.

  2. 2013 five year old boy with Down's syndrome Yeung Chi-wai mistakenly swallowed his mother's crystal methamphetamine (ice) and died.

  3. 2015 unnamed 7 year old girl was taken unconscious to Yan Chai Hospital : She was malnourished, brain damaged with injuries all over her body and weighed 5-8kg less than she should have. Her family was arrested on suspicion of illtreatment or neglect.

HK children's views : 'Civil Children's Ombudsman'

SCMP reported 2 January 2017 the Civil Children’s Ombudsmangroup, made up of 2,000 youth ambassadors aged 17 and under, gave the government an overall score of only 15 out of 100 for dealing with their top 10 livelihood concerns in 2016! It was a slight improvement on the 8 out of 100 score recorded in 2015.

The group gave the government zero points for its policies on housing, medical welfare and new immigrant family protections, and for its lack of a Commission on Children’s Rights.

The most points were given to after-school care services for poor families, which received a score of five, and free education, which received a score of four.

Outlining their top 10 priorities for 2017, the children ambassadors named housing as their biggest concern, followed by education and medical services.

Some 246,000 of the city’s youths aged under 18 live below the poverty line, according to official statistics. The organization estimated that close to 50,000 of the city’s underprivileged youths were living in inadequate conditions such as cage homes or partitioned flats.

About 200,000 people were living in some 88,000 subdivided units in 2015, Census and Statistics Department figures showed. Living in such conditions was detrimental to the physical and emotional health of children.

Changes to the human rights of children must be made in HK according to its UN obligations including ICCPR, ICESCR and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was ratified for HK in 1994. To date, NOTHING has been done by HK government for the care and protection of HK children: i.e. today in HK there is no CRC compliant legislation, policies nor practices; there is no independent 'Children's Commission.'

Examples include:

1. Under ICCPR local legislation 'HK Bill of Rights Ordinance' Cap 383 Article 20, Rights of children:

"(1) Every child shall have, without any discrimination as to race, colour, sex, language, religion, national or social origin, property or birth, the right to such measures of protection as are required by his status as a minor, on the part of his family, society and the State." i.e. UN CRC applies under local legislation.

2. 'Discrimination' by HK government has been proven in October 2013 UN “Convention on the Rights of Child” (UNCRC) “Committee on the Rights of Child” Concluding Observations (quote):

A. 13(c) “In Hong Kong, China, resource allocations to education and social welfare remain inadequate and do not effectively target the most vulnerable groups, particularly children of ethnic or linguistic minorities, asylum-seeking children, children living in poverty and children with disabilities."

3. As concluded by 2013 UNCRC “Committee on the Rights of the Child” Concluding Observations recommendation 78 the current HKSAR public funded education system is unnecessarily competitive, there is bullying and it is NOT in compliance with UNCRC Article 31 a child’s rights to rest and play.

4. ICCPR 2013 Human Rights Committee Concluding Observations item 16 HKSAR currently has no legislation against corporal punishment of children in all settings:

"Hong Kong, China, should take practical steps to put an end to corporal punishment in all settings. It should encourage non-violent forms of discipline as alternatives to corporal punishment, and should conduct public information campaigns to raise awareness about its harmful effects. Hong Kong, China, should take steps to initiate a full public discussion on corporal punishment by parents on children."

5. UNCRC Article 24 (quote): “1. States Parties recognize the right of the child to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services.”

HKSAR Government health care services by more than 50% is understaffed for children’s mental health problems and does not have enough doctors to cope with current mental health problems of children. SCMP reporting on the desperate shortage of mental health professionals especially for children“...it failed to account for the shortage of doctors in Hong Kong available to treat mental health problems; there are about 330 psychiatrists employed in the city’s public hospitals – 400 fewer than the number recommended by the World Health Organisation, taking into account the city’s population. Families more than ever are forced to address the problem themselves..”

SCMP wrote in April 2017 “According to the Hospital Authority, the overall number of mental health patients increased by 2 to 4 per cent every year, from about 187,000 in 2011-12 to more than 226,000 in 2015-16. The increase among children was particularly significant and could be as high as 5 per cent annually. Last year, 12,589 patients below the age of 18 received treatment in public hospitals, up from 11,900 the previous year.”

Norway in 1981 was the first country to establish an independent 'Children's Commission'. By 2017 a total of 79 countries and more than 200 jurisdictions : i.e. HK is at least 40 years behind Norway and other leading democracies in its governance including the care and protection of children!

In its General Comment No.2 in 2002 CRC requirement is for an independent 'Children's Commission' to be established for the promotion and monitoring of the CRC's implementaion.

HK's children's rights groups hope that an independent Children's Commission can carryout two primary tasks: Hold children friendly consultations aimed at developing channels to consult and communicate directly with children, and : Carry out child impact assessments to evaluate the impact of proposed policies.

On 31 May 2018 HK government announced it has formed a policy only non-independent body 'Commission on Children' i.e. once again HK government is doing too little too late and still does NOT comply with CRC!

Azan Marwah, a HK based Barrister and expert in family and child law, said in 2017 that child cases were not isolated but were the result of systemic failures that 'can not be remedied by piece-meal analysis' by a particular government bureau or department.

The legal community has long called for the codification of child laws into one single ordinance (similar to UK's 'Children Act 2004') and the establishment of a specialist Court to handle child-related cases, Azan Marwah said, given that children's interests were now under represented in Magistrates Courts that had limited jurisdiction in dealing with such issues.

[UPDATE 27 April 2021] HKFP 5 March 2019 '‘Politically biased’: China rejects UN recommendations on death penalty, freedoms in Xinjiang and Tibet'.


"In 2018 the United Nations undertook its 'Universal Periodic Review' (UPR) of China including Hong Kong and Macau. Six of the UPR recommendations related to Hong Kong. Of those made, China accepted all but Indonesia’s suggestion to ratify the UN’s migrant worker’s rights treaty in the territory, saying: “The specific date of ratification depends on whether relevant conditions in China are in place.”

The UN recommendations for HK were:

Australia: uphold the rule of law and rights embodied in the One Country, Two Systems framework for Hong Kong (ACCEPTED).

Canada: ensure the right of Hong Kong people to take part in government, without distinction of any kind (ACCEPTED).

Croatia: that Hong Kong internally legislates to implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child (ACCEPTED).

France: guarantee freedom of speech, assembly and association, including in Hong Kong, and remove restrictions on freedom of information on the internet, in particular for human rights defenders (ACCEPTED).

Indonesia: encourage China, including Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, to consider ratifying the International Covenant on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families in respect to Hong Kong and Macau (NOT ACCEPTED).

Philippines: enhance the monitoring of the Standard Employment Contract for migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong (ACCEPTED).

After the review, each state is expected to implement the recommendations it accepts before the next UPR in around four years time" i.e. by 2023 the above should be implemented in HK.

Truth = rule OF law = justice

There is NO JUSTICE in HK : Not in life nor death of HK's daughter Chan Siu-lam, nor for any child or adult in HK!

There is NO TRUTH because of the lies of the monolithic power structure of CCP and HK government including HK's non-independent judiciary!

For example, the illegitimate Legislative Council creates 'legislation' which it hands off to the judiciary as being 'legitimate' : HK's 'non-independent' judiciary self-servingly offers its 'judgements' on HK people and others as being 'justice'! HK people rightfully recognizes and rejects all that goes on in HK as being unjust BS! End result in HK is no stability = no prosperity.

There is no rule OF law in communist HK as required under HK's Joint Declaration because there is NO public democratic participation in anything!

In HK there is only CCP's arbitrary rule BY law. CCP does not want HK people : it only wants HK the place!

In HK since June 2019 anti-extradition protests there has only been increased systemic violence and brutality by CCP and HK government against all children in HK. Now all children in HK schools - including international schools - face CCP's illegal assimilation under HK's unconstitutional 'national security law'!

CCP and HK government is targetting the most vulnerable in HK society - our children : Genocide is taking place in HK!

Those parents and families who can financially afford to relocate will leave HK and emigrate - most likely to a democratic country.

Not all HKers and their children want to leave, nor can they leave HK : Unacceptably those children left behind in HK will not have their UN human rights granted under the tyranny of the world's worst ever totalitarian regime CCP.


1) WTPOHK calls upon the world's democratic alliance (USA, UK, EU, etc.) to fully support the majority of HK people to solve HK's political crisis caused by CCP's repeated breaches of the Joint Declaration:

+ Uphold HK's Joint Declaration and all of its international treaties;

+ Uphold the rule OF law;

+ Meaningful changes for children must be made in HK according to its UN obligations including ICCPR, ICESCR and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC); HK children must be provided with care and protection under the rule OF law including appointment of an independent Children's Commission, codification of child laws into one single ordinance (similar to UK's 'Children Act 2004') and the establishment of a specialist Court to handle child-related cases.

2) Hold a Referendum in HK:

WTPOHK's suggested method to resolve the current HK political crisis is to formally invite all HK permanent residents 18 years old and above to participate in a referendum held in HK using the “Modified Borda Count” (MBC), a preferential multi-option voting system, offering options for action to be taken by the HK government which will be ranked by each voter according to their preferences. If necessary, this could be a UN mandated referendum.

An MBC preferential multi-option voting referendum is credible. It could define the will of HK people and if its action is taken would be a realistic means to negate the CCP's breaches of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong (“Joint Declaration”) therefore allowing this international treaty to continue.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.


CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

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Further references:

RTHK 23 April 2021 'Child abuse cases stay hidden during Covid: police' [ https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1587170-20210423.htm ]

RTHK 20 April 2021 'Couple who murdered young daughter get life in jail' [ https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1586731-20210420.htm ]

RTHK 20 April 2021 'Mandatory reporting system call for abuse cases' [ https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1586801-20210420.htm ]

Apple Daily 18 April 2021 'Are you living out your dreams ?|Dustykid [https://hk.appledaily.com/feature/20210418/2AEF3ALJL5GZPEKBDY4DCJMY6U/]

RTHK 16 April 2021 'Many children have lost faith in HK: youth group' [https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1586199-20210416.htm]

RTHK 16 April 2021 'Govt rejects compulsory abuse reporting for schools' [https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1586166-20210416.htm]

Apple Daily `8 April 2021 'National security shocking education | Allan Au Ka-lun'[ https://hk.appledaily.com/opinion/20210418/QUKHVW7CVRF2FJT2QDWCZNDDJ4/ ]

Compare the embraces of HK's Chief Executive Lam (left) Taiwan's President Tsai (right)!

Couple who murdered young daughter get life in jail

RTHK 20 April 2021 [ https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1586731-20210420.htm ]

The High Court on Tuesday sentenced a couple to life imprisonment for the murder of their five-year-old daughter in 2018, with the judge calling it a case of extreme cruelty.

The five-year-old’s father, 29, had earlier been unanimously convicted by a seven-member jury, while the jury reached a six-to-one guilty verdict for the girl’s 30-year-old stepmother.

The girl's 56-year-old step-grandmother, meanwhile, was given five years in prison after the jury found her guilty on two counts of neglect.

The father and stepmother had earlier pleaded guilty to two counts of cruelty towards the girl as well as their son, who was eight years old at the time.

The court heard that the couple’s other child, who is the biological daughter of the stepmother in this case, was not targetted.

The court had heard that the couple had repeatedly abused the girl, and more than 100 wounds were found on her body.

The court heard that on January 5, 2018, the father had performed an action described as “flying high” with the his daughter – holding her under her armpits and forcefully throwing her upwards a number of times, even though she cried and asked him to stop.

Her brother, identified as Y in the courtroom, had said his sister’s head had heavily bumped into the ceiling.

The girl collapsed at home at noon the next day and the father called an ambulance. She was pronounced dead shortly after being sent to hospital, with an autopsy finding she had died of septicaemia, or blood poisoning.

The court said the girl would not have suffered from the infection had she not been so ill-treated and had she been given timely medical care.

Judge Albert Wong said there is direct evidence that the couple had hit the girl with a rattan stick, a cloth[es] hanger, and slippers, and punched her with his fist. He said evidence shows that the boy had also been repeatedly hit and punched.

On some occasions, both children had been ordered to stand for long hours and deprived of food for several days.

The court added that the psychological impact on the boy cannot be ignored and is likely to be long-term.

In sentencing, Wong said this was a case of extreme cruelty of two children over a period of about five months.

He noted that there might have been happy moments in the family but he believed such episodes were only a few glimpses of consolation in the “miserable period of life” of the two children.

The couple were also each sentenced to nine-and-a-half years on the cruelty counts, which will be served concurrently with their life sentences.

The court also said the girls’ grandmother – the stepmother’s mother – had seriously neglected the child by not taking her to a doctor. And her neglect took place in circumstances amounting to “acquiescence or connivance.”

It said the woman was the only person who could have offered help to the children, but for “selfish reason” she decided not to do what she should have done.

Throughout the sentencing hearing, the stepmother and her mother kept their heads bowed, while the father, wearing a blue windbreaker, showed no emotion.

After passing the sentences, Wong said he noted that the mother had previously taken an oath in court with a Bible.

He then read out a verse in the Gospel of John, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

Dad, stepmother found guilty of murdering girl, 5

RTHK 13 April 2021

A High Court jury on Tuesday convicted the father and stepmother of a five-year-old girl of murdering her in 2018.

After a 14-hour deliberation, the jury of three men and four women unanimously convicted the father of murder and reached a six-to-one guilty verdict for the stepmother.

The jurors also found the girl's step-grandmother guilty of two counts of neglect but cleared her of two counts of ill-treatment.

The court heard claims by the prosecutors that the couple had repeatedly abused the girl.

It heard how the father tossed her in the air so her head hit the ceiling.

The court was also told the step-grandmother never did anything to stop the girl from being abused.

Prosecutors said there were more than 100 wounds on the girl’s body.

The court also heard the girl’s elder brother had probably also been subject to abuse, while the stepmother’s biological daughter was not.

Justice Albert Wong has ordered that the identity of the couple and their relatives be kept confidential to protect the children.

The court will hear mitigation from the defendants on Wednesday, with sentencing expected for next Tuesday.

Thanks RFA's Rebel Pepper!

Lawyers for Hong Kong couple convicted of murdering daughter say abuse was ‘not the worst of its kind’

Apple Daily 15 April 2021

A Hong Kong couple found guilty of abusing and murdering their 5-year-old daughter had only meant to “discipline” the girl, defense lawyers told the court on Wednesday.

The girl’s father and stepmother, both 30, were earlier convicted of murder by a High Court jury. The victim’s 57-year-old step-grandmother was found guilty of two counts of neglect.

In January 2018, the girl died of septicaemia after being rushed to hospital. Subsequent medical examinations found 133 injuries on her body and uncovered a history of horrific abuse that lasted for nearly six months before her death.

In his mitigation arguments, defense lawyer Alex Ng asked the court to grant a one-third sentence reduction for the father for admitting guilt and showing remorse.

Ng conceded that the abuse inflicted on the girl was very serious but said the father only wanted to instil discipline through corporeal punishment. The actions taken by the father were “not sadistic” when considered individually.

The father had sometimes starved his daughter, but there was no evidence to show the girl was underweight due to malnutrition, Ng said.

The stepmother’s defense lawyer also said that the series of abuse happened “in the context of disciplining children” and was not meant as torture. The abuse was serious but was not the worst of its kind, the lawyer added.

Prosecutors told Judge Albert Wong that the girl’s older brother, who had also been abused during the same period, refused to meet with a psychologist for a victim impact assessment.

Such reports are typically sought to aid courts in sentencing decisions.

Wong said that obtaining the assessment might not be in the best interests of the boy. The defense agreed, saying that another round of interviews might trigger traumatic memories for him.

The three defendants will receive their sentences on April 20. Murder in Hong Kong is punishable by life imprisonment while the maximum sentence for neglect is 10 years.

Click here for Chinese version.

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