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A bended knee is no way to be free

Communist Hong Kong's (HK) Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam) has refused to ensure, that under HK's UN international treaty obligations, all people in HK are equal before the law.

HK's Constitution is the Joint Declaration which is not upheld by CCP nor the HK government.

CLam has now finally placed the CE role as being the determiner of 'the law' of HK.

HK's rule OF law is dead and gone and has now been replaced by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) arbitrary rule BY law. (Please read article below and references).

In Carrie Lam's 2017 Chief Executive (CE) 'selection' process, one of the key elements of her campaign was to legislate a serious loophole in HK's Bribery Ordinance which is that the CE can not be charged with bribery : This is despite the ICCPR local legislation that acts as HK's Bill of Rights Ordinance (HKBORO) stating that everyone is equal before the law. In December 2020 CLam backtracked on her pledge. Therefore, any reasonable person must conclude that HK has no rule OF law because the CE is above the rule OF law!

It is a fundamental right for all human beings to be free : Do not be fooled - there is no need to bend the knee to anyone on Earth to be 'free'!

Hong Kong (HK) Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam) is a totalitarian who, in her own words, has created 'havoc' in HK. She, acting under the control of Emperor Xi Jinping, demands that everyone bends their knee to CCP's China.

In HK and China there is state orchestrated drive for 'stability' using coercion as a means of torture caused by the structural violence of CCP's feudal Chinese plutocracy : i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which include arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 pandemic source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

It is a serious concern that CCP is a nuclear armed, significantly militarized religious cult!

Do not bend your knee to CCP!

Pepe &

Prince Edward.

'Future CEs should not amend bribery laws: Carrie Lam'

RTHK 15 July 2021

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Thursday that Hong Kong’s bribery laws should never cover the city’s leader, adding that her successors shouldn’t amend the laws either as this would undermine the chief executive’s constitutional responsibility.

Lam had promised during her election campaign in 2017 that she would amend sections 3 and 8 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance to cover the chief executive.

But when asked about the issue by non-establishment lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai at a Legislative Council question-and-answer session, Lam made it clear that she will not fulfil her promise.

Lam said the chief executive was above the judiciary, the executive and the legislature, while being accountable to the central government as well as the SAR government.

She said that in the past 20 years, Legco has sought to pass bills that would undermine the position of the chief executive.

“I haven’t done so. I’m not going to do so. I think this should not be done by future chief executives," she said.

The chief executive’s comments were much stronger than what she had said in December, when she suggested the matter could be looked at after her term of office.

Speaking to reporters ahead of an Executive Council meeting on December 1, Lam said she did not intend on amending the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance within her term.

She acknowledged that an independent review committee had in 2012 recommended sections 3 and 8 be amended, but said making such a change was very complicated and could make it difficult for the chief executive to discharge their duties.

“If there are other brighter ideas on how we could do this without violating the constitutional position of the chief executive, then of course, in a future administration, they can always look at the issue again,” she said at the time.

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