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8964 : aspirations of Chinese people yet to be realized

4th of June 1989, commonly referred to as '8964', has come to mean a lot for people in Hong Kong (HK) and elsewhere. The events in Tiananmen Square that day in 1989, and elsewhere in China are not easily forgotten, though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has done its best to expunge records of these protests from history, and to bribe the populous with nationalist promises.

Every year on 4 June at 8 pm Beijing time please light a candle in commemoration of the Tiananmen massacre of 1989. Gai yau (add oil) !

“The ones who should die did not, but who should not died!”

A slogan pointing at Deng Xiaoping and other hardline communists.


What was Tiananmen Square all about?

The real cause of the incident was factional infighting amongst CCP members, as it often is, involving reformists and the communist hardline Gang of Four. Up to two million people may have visited Tiananmen Square on 4 April 1976. Then reformists such as Deng Xiaoping, who in 1989 ordered the brutal 'Peoples Liberation Army' (PLA) crackdown of protesters in Tiananmen square, appear to have been involved.

From December 1986 until mid-January 1987 student demonstrations took place in a number of Chinese cities. The demonstrations started in the city of Hefei before spreading to other cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing. The movement was heavily influenced by the Chinese intellectuals Fang Lizhi and Wang Ruowang, who were critical of the Chinese government's lack of political reforms. The demonstrations quickly dissipated by mid-January before achieving any of its stated goals.

The lack of response from Hu Yaobang, who was General Secretary of the Communist Party of China at the time, resulted in his removal from power on January 15, 1987, and his replacement by Zhao Ziyang.


CCP come clean about 1989 June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre

Who are the Chinese people?

Chinese people are people or ethnic groups identified with China, usually through ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, or other affiliation.

The Han Chinese are the largest ethnic group in China, comprising approximately 92% of its mainland population. They are also the world's largest ethnic group, comprising approximately 18% of the global human population.

There are 55 officially-recognized ethnic minorities in China who may also identify as "Chinese".


Wikipedia 'Chinese People'

What are their aspirations?

Like all people everywhere, most likely they aspire 'to live and let live' - which is a Taoist or Buddhist approach to life.

In his early days in 1942 when Mao Zhedong was courting Western powers including America he said:


"American people are good friends with Chinese people. The goal of our party's endeavor, is to overthrow KMT counter-revolutionary dictatorship, to build an American-style democracy, and to let people nationwide have the privilege to enjoy the happiness brought by democracy. I believe, when Chinese people are striving for democracy, American people will support us.

Reference: July 4, 1943 Xinhua Daily."

The people of China are NOT represented by the views nor actions of the CCP - if for no other reason that there has never been open fair elections under ICCPR obligations of 'universal and equal suffrage since CCP's one-party rule, starting in 1949.


Chairman Mao Zedong said...

Is China a one-party state?

China is, and has been since 1949, a one-party state belonging to the CCP.

China, like HK and Singapore, is a feudal Chinese plutocracy. The country of Taiwan is Asia's world class democracy.

Without open and fair voting, or a referendum, of 'universal and equal suffrage' to give themselves a veneer of public support CCP changed China's Constitution to include their terminology - 'People's democratic dictatorship'.

China today is the world's worst ever totalitarian regime killing at least 77 million Chinese people. In addition we need to also include deaths caused by CCP's sourcing and spreading of SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19.

What was the tank-man's point?

The tank-man did his solo protest the morning after the Army had killed many Chinese civilians gathered in the square. Perhaps he was motivated to prove that the people of China have the power over its political and military system?

Tank-man has never been identified - most likely he did not live beyond that day.

There is a very important point here : PLA General Xu Qinxian, as the commander of the 38th Group Army, was ordered to fire on Chinese citizens in Tiananmen Square on June 1989 but he refused and was removed from his post. The PLA court marshalled General Xu Qinxian who spent 5 years in prison.

Wang Dan, one of the most visible student leaders in the Tiananmen Square demonstration, called Xu “a general of conscience” on Twitter. Wang wrote on Facebook that: “General Xu has followed his conscience and given up his official title and freedom. Those of us students will never forget about him. Mr. Xu, rest in peace.”


Exiled Chinese activists pay tribute to general who refused orders to attack Tiananmen protesters

Tank-man big picture.

Do Chinese people still hope for democracy?

Yes! Many mainland and overseas Chinese people still hope for democracy in China. In the hearts and minds of many Chinese people around the globe, the Tiananmen Square student protests have never been answered.

HK protests in support of upholding the Joint Declaration, human rights and democracy were of course closely watched in China. This resulted in some open displays for democracy in China (see below reference to Professor Xu Zhiyong's open letter) - to which CCP predicably answered with arbitrary arrests, prison terms, etc.

The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China exists in the SAR because such an organization is not permitted in mainland China. They opened a Tiananmen Square museum in the SAR.


Open letter: Dear Chairman Xi, It’s Time for You to Go

Why does CCP keep burying the 4 June 1989 truth?

We suggest:

  1. CCP has no legitimacy to be in power in China today : i.e. there never was a Chinese civil war 1945-1949 because the traitor Mao Zhedong conspired with the Japanese Army to defeat the leader of China General Chiang Kai-shek (please see reference below).

  2. The June 1989 death of numerous Chinese students, some of whom were children of CCP leaders, and others in Tiananmen Square and locations across China at the hands of PLA was a public display for the world to see in newsreels the real face of totalitarian CCP : Ironically there was nothing 'liberating' about having the PLA kill their own people. CCP buries the truth because it does not want the world to see and react correctly to its real face : Now in HK the world once again can see the real face of CCP just as it did in 1989!

  3. Despite newsreels worldwide from reliable sources including BBC and CNN showing massive carnage in Tiananmen Square on 4 June 1989, CCP denied that anyone had died! Lucky for the world USSR leader Gorbachov was in Beijing at the time - even having international Press broadcasting did not stop CCP killing their own people and then lieing about it!

  4. The 1989 student movement termed as 'Tiananmen Square' was a culmination of a long struggle for democracy against CCP's communism in China, and it had also inspired the movement that caused the disintegration of the USSR and the rebirth as democracies of those countries within its borders. Democracy takes time, but it is also relentless because it is the will of the people. CCP knows the clock is ticking and that it has no answer except to eventually give way to the inevitable demands for democracy and freedom of its people. The democratic world also knows this.


CCP 'truth' (part1): CCP's Mao Zedong conspired with the Japanese Army

Václav Havel : The Power of the Powerless

Why can't people commemorate 4 June in Hong Kong?

Because the CCP and HK government are very scared of HK protesters!

For the second time, first was in 2020, the 4 June commemoration of Tiananmen has been cancelled 'due to' Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 covid concerns. Even though HK has recently recorded ZERO new cases of COVID-19 for several days, authorities claim the risk of community infection is high. Why aren't people allowed to protest in groups of 30? : HK COVID regulations allows 'tours' of 30 people to be held! Crowded MTR train carriages routinely carry more than 30 people with no social distancing. Why aren't fully vaccinated protesters allowed to gather?


RTHK 28 May 2021 'Zero Covid-19 cases again for Hong Kong'

RTHK 27 May 2021 'Authorities again ban HK's Tiananmen massacre vigil'

Why does the world care about events in Beijing in 1989?

The broader issue of concern to many nations is CCP's inability to perform according to any of its international treaties, including human rights obligations, W.T.O. trade, W.H.O. international health regulations, South China Sea UN decision, etc.

This is highlighted by the realities of CCP's incriminating behaviour :

  1. Wuhan virus, its source and spreading from China worldwide

  2. Tibet and Xinjiang, China genocide and other crimes against humanity

  3. Crimes of humanity against HK

What has happened in China since 1989?

Those who could, have fled mainland China for HK and further afield. In mainland cities a small percentage of people with communist connections have found wealth.

How did the CCP get away with this all this time?

Due to the greed, aspirations and gullibility of foreign politicians, countries and investors.

Have the aspirations of Chinese people been hijacked and corrupted?


How can China heal itself?

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a court-like restorative justice body, like that assembled in South Africa after the end of apartheid.

How does a democracy movement heal itself?

Let the oxygen flow - especially online - and quickly democracy will take off.

Likelihood an inevitable easing of the Great Firewall and censorship - which is needed to allow businesses to operate in China - maybe the most effective for the sparks to fly!

Will CCP do the right thing?

This is the key question!

We doubt it will!

Every Chinese dynasty ended in a bloodbath as the incoming dynasty killed everyone, burned buildings, destroyed knowledge, etc. If CCP continues doing what they have been doing so far, it will only make a bloodbath more likely!

The Japanese were defeated in WWII by two nuclear blasts and the threat of more.

We are not suggesting a nuclear war is needed, because today a financial 'war' backed by global resistance to any involvement with pariah state CCP maybe the most effective as it will de-couple CCP from the people of China whom the democratic world seeks to protect.


CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:


HKFP 28 May 2021 'Hong Kong gov’t officials visit medical union to warn against Tiananmen Massacre doc screenings'


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