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70% of HK people rejected CCP and HK government in two 'referendums' held since 2019 HK protests

Updated: Jan 27

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Aside from public opinion polling, the colonial rulers of Hong Kong (HK), both Britain and now the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) China, have never held a territory-wide formal referendum to determine the will of HK people as the basis for a legitimate HK government under United Nations (UN) international treaties including the Joint Declaration.

Last British Governor of HK Chris Patton.

While the people of HK have their UN human rights to self-determination, and no doubt have ideas about what that means, they are being deprived of this fundamental right. Democracy – the most undefined word in the world!

The Chinese and HK government both continue to ignore longstanding calls for universal and equal suffrage elections in HK. They spin self-justifying narratives that suit the mainland Chinese audience, while ignoring their obligations under international law and UN treaties.

HK protesters, who are the majority of HK people, uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law. CCP, HK Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam), HK government and their supporters do not uphold the Joint Declaration but instead, and unlawfully, uphold CCP's arbitrary rule BY law.

The Joint Declaration, a UN international treaty between China and UK, is unequivocal in stating in its first paragraph that it is "...conducive to the maintenance of the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong".

What made HK one of the most important trading and financial centers in Asia was its rule OF law: In 2022 HK no longer has the rule OF law, stability nor prosperity.

Twitter Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong. 重光團隊

Since 1 July 1997 CCP has continued its unlawful actions in HK making no effort to meet China's nor HK's UN international treaty obligations.

Despite ongoing HK protests since 2019, and amidst repeated international condemnations by UN, EU, G7, 'five eyes' and leading democracies (USA, UK, etc.), CCP worsened the political crisis in HK on 1 July 2020 by annexing HK using its rule BY law 'national security law'.

HK people are not 'powerless' - by their protests HK protesters have shown the world the real face of CCP!

To date no realistic and achievable rule OF law solution to HK's current political crisis has been provided by CCP's China, HK government nor the international community. Those in authority must do better!

A viable solution to the ongoing 2019 political crisis is a UN mandated public multi-option preference referendum in HK to determine the will of its people. When fully acted upon by the HK government this would negate CCP China's breaches and allow the Joint Declaration to continue until its natural termination on 1 July 2047. [Summary follows at the end of this blog].



In case you have been away with Elon for a break on Mars, or otherwise incommunicado for the last two years or so, ongoing 2019 protests by the majority of people in HK are still going very well against totalitarian CCP and their communist HK government.

HK's 2nd 'referendum' since 2019: HK people's protests against the illegitimate 2021 Legislative Council (LegCo) 'elections'

HK people's UN ICCPR human rights to 'participate in public life' was unlawfully ended by CCP's unconstitutional 'national security law' on 1 July 2020. Since CCP's annexation of HK, its people have resorted to numerous methods of civil resistance, some of which are illustrated below.

Twitter HKFP 18 January 2022 'Investigation into whether top gov’t officials broke Covid-19 rules will not be ‘left unresolved,’ Hong Kong leader says' [HK government is unaccountable to everyone except CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping].

Twitter [A very credible point made here using sarcasm! On 1 July 1997 handover by the British to China, HK was a relatively wealthy 'developed' civil society. Since 1949 CCP has been the dictator of China, a third world country currently ranked 78th by GDP per capita, which is inexperienced and therefore unable to manage HK ranked 25th by GDP per capita. Today HK under CCP's China is 'unstable' and 'unprosperous'].



It is important to note that ex-LegCo member Nathan Law, despite living in exile overseas in the UK, was publicly threatened by the HK government under HK's 'national security law' for his boycott call of the 2021 LegCo selection. While creating HK legislation against 'fake' news the HK government created fake news about Nathan Law which they then falsely denied. Finally after being publicly humiliated and ridiculed they were forced to cease their misinformation campaign against Nathan Law.

Reddit '"Don't Vote" Banner Spotted on Lion Rock Mountain in Hong Kong' '不投' (Don't vote). [Since 2019 all major HK protests had a banner placed on Lion Rock, the home of the lion energy of the people that 'made' HK].

Reddit 'Same polling places, same times of the day: 2019 [District Council] election vs. 2021 sham [LegCo] election that has the entire opposition arrested'.


HK's 2nd 'referendum' since 2019: CCP's mindset and false narratives in its illegitimate 2021 Legislative Council (LegCo) 'elections'

Just as we say that a coin has two sides, the scenario unfolding before us can be viewed from different angles. For a clearer picture of Chinese politics today, the reader first needs to understand something about CCP's mindset and history (please read our selected blogs and references listed below).

In mainland China Xi Jinping, who united the Chinese people against foreigners and their influence, is the Emperor who will live for 1,000 years sitting on his throne in the middle kingdom around which the whole world revolves. The nationalist Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a product of a historical influence and significant financial investment made by Stalin's Soviet Union (USSR), is known as the 'People's democratic dictatorship', a term CCP self-enshrined in China's 'Constitution'.

Outside of China, CCP is known as a criminal organization, nuclear armed, significantly militarized religious cult lead by zealot Xi Jinping. CCP poses an imminent significant threat to all humanity - as exampled by its sourcing and spreading of SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. The world is awakening to the reality that Xi Jinping is an even worse totalitarian dictator than Chairman Mao Zhedong!

There is no 'reality' to CCP as the liberal democratic west defines the word: while the west thinks rationally in terms of a single finite explanation for matters Chinese, the questions and answers we seek are complex and consciously evasive, buried in layers of ideology, cultural tradition and narrative. CCP supports the view of Chairman Mao Zhedong being a great strategist in working with the Japanese army against Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomingtang (KMT). However, the west views Mao as a traitor to the Chinese people for conspiring with the Japanese army against the people of China - which resulted in the deaths of many Chinese soldiers and civilians, including the 1937 'Nanjing massacre'.

In the west, it is remembered that the feudal Han Chinese plutocracy sociopathic nationalist totalitarian CCP has killed over 77million Chinese since 1949. Having never faced a democratic universal and equal suffrage election in China, CCP has no legitimacy to its one-party dictatorship over China: This is the source of CCP's paranoia. Etched in the memory of many people worldwide is the 4 June 1989 Tiananmen Massacre where CCP's 'People's Liberation Army' (PLA) troops killed as many as 10,000 Chinese people who were lawfully gathering and peacefully protesting, as is their UN human right. CCP breaks all treaties and agreements that it makes with everyone.

The party routinely offers its own twisted interpretations of events, of facts, of rules and convention to suit itself. It ignores criticism and operates as a law unto itself.

There are many lies throughout the history of CCP which are used as part of its structural violence of torture by coercion of the people of China for 'stability and prosperity' to ensure that CCP remains in power: i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which includes arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, HK human rights and democracy, etc.

By the end of 2021 CCP had grasped full control of HK's 'monolithic power structure' - the mechanisms of the HK government, including its non-independent judiciary and illegitimate LegCo. As far as CCP is concerned HK now has 'stability' because it is controlled by CCP who control the police (HKPF) and judiciary.

Ask any ordinary HK citizen and they will you tell you there is no "stability" in the city....just endless fear-mongering and active suppression by authorities.

CCP's and HK government's narratives in the 2021 LegCo elections include:

  • CCP claims that 98% of HK people voted in the 2021 LegCo 'elections'. [CCP made no mention of the 2021/12/19 1.3million votes which was only 30.2% turnout of HK public who are registered voters for the 'Geographic Constituencies' which has only 20/90 LegCo seats. 98% was the turnout for CCP's unlawful selection in its handpicked 1,500 member 'Election Committee Constituencies' which has 40/90 seats: These are the 40 new LegCo seats unlawfully added by CCP to further dilute their 'risk' that HK pro-democrats (who normally win majority of 'Geographic Constituency') would take control of LegCo. The remainder of 30/90 seats are held by pro-business HK elites in the 'Functional Constituencies' with the majority supporting CCP. HK government vetted all candidates to ensure they are all 'patriots': i.e. there are no pro-democratic candidates in the 2021 LegCo 'elections'].

Reddit [Pro-CCP newspaper 'Ta Kung Pao'] 'reported 98% Voter Turnout, making history'.

Reddit 'The meaning of voting rate in Hong Kong: Perfect loop' [Win-win logic of CCP's 'Chinese characteristics' - which explains why CLam claimed that she was not responsible for turnout].

  • CCP claims that 'foreign influences' are creating 'terrorism' in HK ahead of 2021 LegCo elections. [Under ICCPR article 20 this is unlawful hate speech by CCP and HK government. HK government's 'Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office' in London, UK threatened 'The Sunday Times' under its rule BY law 'national security law'. Police 'found' guns and arresting 10 people; police practiced in public spaces drills against 'terrorists'; election polling stations 'secured' by 10,000 police. RTHK 23 December 2021 reported CCP official in HK was quoted '1.3 million voters beat back poll saboteurs'. RTHK 9 December 2021 'Foreign forces warned not to meddle in HK polls'. Big Four international accounting firm KPMG offered employees who voted a one day holiday: Note, CCP did not complain about KPMG's 'foreign influence'! The major 'foreign influence' creating problems in HK since 1 July 1997 is CCP's China: Under the Joint Declaration CCP has to treat HK as an autonomous region with a 'high degree of autonomy', 'unchanged lifestyle' an independent judiciary with its right to final adjudication for 50 years. Also, CCP must not setup mainland government offices in HK - which it did in 2020].

Reddit 11 December 2021 'The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London reputes and warns [i.e. threatens legal action] for incitement over the Sunday Times’ editorial that says the LegCo election is a sham and calls for boycotts.' [The Sunday Times 5 December 2021 wrote 'China shows its true colours — and they’re not pretty'].

RTHK 14 December 2021 'Police announce weapons find ahead of [2021] LegCo polls'. [Arrests 10 people].

Reddit 'Police with anti-terrorist gear patrol several polling stations 2 days ahead of election.' [Bloomberg 21 December 2021 'Hong Kong Went from Zero to 29 Terrorism Arrests in 18 Months'].

Reddit 14 December 2021 '10,000 police officers to be deployed on Dec 19 LegCo Election Day. Independent Police Complaints Council [IPCC]: No need to send Ombudsman.'

  • CCP claims the 2021 LegCo 'elections' are 'representative' of HK people. [It is not representative because 89 out of 90 seats went to pro-CCP 'patriotic' candidates whilst the two public referendums held since protests started in 2019 illustrate that roughly 70% of HKers support pro-democratic candidates. No pro-democratic candidates were allowed to contest the 2021 LegCo selections because most are in jail, on trial or in exile. There were dramatic inequalities between voters in 2021 LegCo - this is an 'unequal' and unrepresentative selection which has been deliberately re-rigged by CCP to maintain its illegitimate grip on power over HK's feudal Han Chinese plutocracy and its massive Public Purse].

Reddit 16 December 2021 '41 Privileged voters’ power is 7,200 times a single-vote holder’s under new LegCo electoral system'. [UN obligations require universal and equal suffrage elections: This was an 'unequal' election].

Reddit 17 December 2021 'Op ed from pro-Beijing camp: if pro-BJ [Beijing] won all 90 seats, it violated CCP's demand and did injustice to new 'election system''. [CCP HK's 'elections' with 'Chinese characteristics'].

HKFP 21 December 2021 '‘Patriots’ election: Hong Kong’s sole non-establishment lawmaker-elect [Tik Chi-yuen of 'Third Side Party'] says he felt ‘lonely’ until he met new colleagues'.

  • CCP claims that no country or institution can intervene in its 'internal' affairs. [This is a baseless narrative that CCP is using in its attempt to stop lawful UN investigations of genocide in Xinjiang of Muslim Uighers and in HK of human rights violations. In HK CCP has ignored its international UN treaty obligations including being in breach of the Joint Declaration].

  • CCP claims HK has the rule OF law and that China's 'Constitution' applies in HK. [All HK has is CCP's rule BY law as illustrated by its 'national security law'. HK's Constitution until 1 July 2047 is the Joint Declaration, not China's Constitution. Please see below the letters written by the UN to China all of which remain unanswered!].

  • CCP claims its 'National Peoples Congress' (NPC) has the right to 'interpretation' of HK's 'Basic Law'. [CCP has no right to change the Basic Law for 50 years. CCP wrote the 'Basic Law'. CCP now describes its 'Basic Law' as HK's 'mini-Constitution', which under the Joint Declaration cannot be changed: Inside the Joint Declaration there is no mention that HK's Basic Law is the Constitution or mini-Constitution. WTPOHK recognizes that under the rule OF law HK's Constitution is the Joint Declaration].

Each of the above narrative lines, has obverse views of course, and we merely suggest one or more in the square brackets used above [ ]. Rather than a 98% turnout being significant according to CCP, it should be more important, for example, to note the number of spoilt ballot papers, and the large numbers of registered HK voters who boycotted the poll altogether.

When those in Beijing or HK talk of "foreign interference" in alarmist nationalist fashion, we should remember that HK is host to a considerable number of longstanding foreign business interests, and that some of them even had voting rights in the 'Functional Constituencies' seats in the 2021 LegCo election. Under the 1842 Treaty of Nanking China had bequeathed to the British in perpetuity HK Island and South of Boundary Street on the Kowloon Peninsula: Ownership of Crown property which the UK handed back to CCP's China under the UN international treaty the Joint Declaration.

Matters are never quite as clear cut as CCP or its minions would have us believe!

HK is currently 'unstable' and 'unprosperous': HK majority by more than 70% voted against CCP and HK government in two public 'referendums' held since mass peaceful anti-extradition protests started on 9 June 2019

By the end of 1970's 2/3rds of HK people were refugees from mainland China who escaped from CCP - they and their families still know and hate CCP.

Today the same majority of HK people, roughly 2/3rds, support the call for democratic universal and equal suffrage elections which meets HK's UN human rights obligations.

The first 'referendum' since 2019 protests started was the 24 November 2019 District Council elections. Voter turnout was a record 71%. For the first time since the 1 July 1997 handover to China the result was a pro-democratic landslide victory winning 85% of seats and a majority in 17/18 districts.

To date District Council elections have been the only legitimate democratic universal and equal suffrage elections held in HK. The previous 2016 - 2020 Legislative Council 'election' and 2017 - 2022 Chief Executive selection that selected CLam, were not universal and equal elections as required under HK's UN treaty obligations under ICCPR, Joint Declaration and the rule of law.

If HK is to continue to have the rule OF law, stability and prosperity, then HK's feudal Han Chinese plutocracy must become a functioning democracy with universal and equal suffrage elections: This lawful demand by HK people for more than 40 years is not going to go away!

Similar to 4 June 1989 in Tiananmen Square, after the 24 November 2019 District Council elections CCP was confronted with the need for urgent political reforms. Once again, CCP feared losing its control over China, so chose an aggressive 'nuclear' option: In HK CCP used its 'National Peoples Congress' (NPC) to annex HK on 1 July 2020 with its unconstitutional rule BY law 'national security law' (NSL). In the process CCP nuked everyone including themselves! (Please see Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs on HK's National Security Law of 1 September 2020).

When new COVID-19 infections were only single digits CCP unlawfully 'postponed' the 6 September 2020 LegCo elections using W.H.O. global pandemic 'IHR' COVID-19 regulations to disguise its true intentions. CCP's 'National Peoples Congress' (NPC) then removed four moderate democratic lawmakers from LegCo - the remaining 15 democrats resigned en masse. LegCo was then unlawfully, once again, rebranded by CCP as a 'Provisional' LegCo until the re-jigged 'patriots only' 19 December 2021 LegCo selections were held.

CCP's 19 December 2021 selection of HK's 2021 LegCo was the second public 'referendum' on CCP and HK government since the start of mass peaceful anti-extradition protests on 9 June 2019. Isn't it surprising that this vote went ahead despite the persistent threat of COVID??

On 19 December 2021 HK majority of people protested by 72.2% of voters boycotting voting and spoiling ballot forms in the 'Geographic Constituency' vote in CCP's illegitimate HK 2021 Legislative Council (LegCo). In 2021 HK people were denied their UN human rights to 'participate in public life.'

On 19 December 2021 the total default 'NO' vote of 72.2% was 69.8% of registered voters not casting their votes plus 2.4% spoiled ballot forms. Clearly the will of HK people is against the current policies and actions of CCP and HK government.

The results of these two public referendums - the overwhelming rejection by HK people of the CCP and HK government - illustrates that today there is no 'stability' and therefore no 'prosperity' in CCP's HK. This result is owned by CCP, Xi Jinping, CLam, HK government and their HK elitist supporters.

Since 2019 HK protests have shown the world the real face of CCP and HK government.

HK's peaceful, law-abiding democratic majority will never surrender to CCP!

On 6 June 2020 HK people legitimately and overwhelmingly rejected CCP's 'national security law': This law must be repealed by CCP!

Lawfully on 6 June 2020 the majority of HK District Councilors in a vote rejected CCP's 'national security law'. These were District Councilors elected on 24 November 2019, all of whom ran on platforms which supported HK protesters' 'five demands'. [Please note that CCP in its program to rewrite HK history has since removed 'public broadcaster' RTHK's links on the 6 June 2020 vote by District Councilors, amongst many other URLs!].

After 24 November 2019 the majority of HK people were represented by District Councilors in HK's only legitimate democratic body which uses universal and equal suffrage elections: i.e. HK people have lawfully expressed their will in rejecting CCP's NSL. This vote has hardly been understood or reported by the Press in HK or overseas.

By the end of 2021 CCP and HK government had unlawfully completely gutted the District Councils as a HK democratic government institution.

Under the UN's 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights' (UDHR) the authority of the government is the will of the people. To uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule of law, CCP and HK government must cancel HK's 1 July 2020 unconstitutional 'national security law' (NSL).

Since 1 July 2020 promulgation of the NSL, HK people's opposition to CCP's monolithic power structure, which includes the non-independent judiciary, has effectively been silenced by the NSL. The unconstitutional NSL has silenced freedoms of speech with almost all pro-democratic lawmakers and activists now on remand, in prison or exiled, Press freedoms crushed, arbitrary citizens arrested, etc.

The exit turnstiles at HK's international airport have been spinning fast since mid-2021 as large numbers of HKers emigrate overseas - especially to the UK which has offered a path to citizenship for all HK BNO passport holders.

[In WTPOHK's blog '612 Hong Kong is still revolting' we have provided a summary timeline of events. If that's not enough detail then please read our lengthy blog 'People of Hong Kong make the place'].

HK people's fundamental UN human rights to 'self-determination' are being denied by CCP

After WWII the colonial British tried to introduce democracy into HK - but CCP strongly objected. Only Chris Patton, the last British Governor, implemented significant democratic reforms in HK.

1. HK people do not have their ICCPR UN fundamental human right of self-determination

Under the Joint Declaration CCP wrote a 'Basic Law', which deliberately, does not automatically apply international covenants. Therefore, effectively no UN or other covenants are fully complied with in terms of HK legislation, policy and practices.

HK, having signed and ratified the UN 'International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights' (ICCPR), must comply 100%: HK's current failure to comply 100% with ICCPR means that HK has no 'rule of law'.

For example, HK's local legislation of ICCPR the 'HK Bill of Rights Ordinance' (HKBORO) excludes ICCPR articles:

  1. Article 1. 'All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development';

  2. Article 20. '1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law. 2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.'

There are numerous other examples of HK legislation that does not comply with ICCPR. For example, HK's colonial era 'Public Order Ordinance' (POO) which is used to oppress protesters fundamental human rights to freedom of association and peaceful protests: Since 2014 'Umbrella movement' the POO has been widely used by HK government to arbitrarily arrest, charge, convict and imprison HK protesters and lawmakers.

2. In 1972 at the UN, CCP unlawfully stripped HK peoples of their UN human right to independence at the end of British colonialization

In 1972 the United Nations General Assembly adopted 'Resolution 2908' by a 99:5 vote. Among its effects were the removal of Hong Kong and Macau from the U.N. list of 'Non-Self-Governing Territories'.

How could this be possible when HK was listed by the British, a member of the UN Security Council, as being its colony?!

Consequently, the peoples of Hong Kong (in 1997) and Macau (in 1999), as colonized peoples, lost their UN right to self-determination through independence granted by the U.N.’s 1960 'Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.'

It is telling that CCP is now using HK's British colonial era legislation, such as 'Public Order Ordinance' (POO) - laws which does not comply with ICCPR - against HK people in a place that CCP says was never a colony!

After the British packed their bags and left, unacceptably HK has been re-colonized by CCP! Clearly the UN has to be held accountable for what is now happening to the still colonized peoples of HK and Macao.

HK people want our voice to be correctly heard in the United Nations. The UN should fully investigate the issues surrounding the removal of HK and Macao from the U.N. list of 'Non-Self-Governing Territories'. Now that HK and Macau peoples' colonial masters have departed, the UN should recognize HK and Macao as independent states.

HK's current political crisis is the deadlock over 2019 HK protesters' 'five demands' centered on 'universal and equal suffrage elections', and CCP's 2014 failure to meet their 2007 agreement with HK democrats

For at least four decades HK people have repeatedly called for universal and equal suffrage elections across HK.

No HK Chief Executive (CE) has completed a second term because their CCP masters are pushing for unlawful 'national security' legislation that the majority of HK people have always outright rejected!

On 1 July 2003 a protest by an estimated 500,000 HK people convinced the first HKSAR Chief Executive (CE), Tung Chee-hwa to make a U-turn and withdraw from the Legislative Council his proposed Basic Law Article 23 'national security' legislation. Tung set the tone for the HKSAR when he ran his 'selection' campaign on a CCP-friendly platform of Confucianism, elitism and nationalism. He later resigned halfway through his second term due to 'health' reasons. Every year after 2003, HK democrats held 1 July protests - until unlawfully being deemed by the police to be 'unauthorized assemblies' in 2020.

With growing protests in HK against the CCP in 2007, CCP agreed to a proposal by HK Democratic Party Founder Martin Lee to accept HK peoples' UN human rights to universal and equal suffrage elections for the 2016 Legislative Council and 2017 Chief Executive elections. In exchange, the democrats offered support for HK government's policies in the interim. This was an agreement that HK democrats kept from 2007 until 31 August 2014 when CCP reneged on their part of the bargain!

The 'Umbrella movement' protests began on 26 September 2014 as a direct result of CCP's NPC decision of 31 August 2014 which became a 79-day occupation of parts of HK. CCP only has itself to blame!

The CCP controlled National Peoples Congress Special Committee (NPCSC) decision on 31 August 2014 reneged on CCP's 2007 promise to HK people. NPC 'decision' was for 'selection committees' and not universal and equal suffrage elections as previously agreed in 2007 with HK democrats.

The false, unlawful hate speech narrative spread since 2019 by the CCP and HK government is that HK protesters are 'violent' 'terrorists' influenced by 'foreigners'. Under HK's rule OF law on 9 June 2021 more than 1million HK people gathered and marched peacefully without incident against CLam's unlawful proposed extradition law.

'Independent Police Complaints Commission' (IPCC) member Clifford Stott suggests the action by police on 12 June 2019 against peaceful protesters framed HK's anti-extradition protest movement (also read 'Mandates of the UN Special Rapporteur 28 June 2019').

After the police violence and unlawful actions of 12 June 2019 against lawful peaceful protesters outside Central Government Offices (CGO) the majority of HK people created their 'five demands':

  1. Full withdrawal of the extradition bill 徹底撤回送中修例

  2. An 'Independent Commission of Inquiry' into alleged police brutality 成立獨立調查委員會 追究警隊濫暴

  3. Retracting the classification of protesters as “rioters” 取消暴動定性

  4. Amnesty for arrested protesters 撤銷對今為所有反送中抗爭者控罪

  5. Dual universal suffrage, meaning for both the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive 以行政命令解散立法會 立即實行雙真普選

光復香港 時代革命

五大訴求 缺一不可

Recover Hong Kong, Revolution of the Times. Five demands are indispensable [from which came the popular protest chant 'five demands not one less'].

Reuters reported on a 7 August 2019 meeting in Shenzhen attended by CCP officials and CLam:

  • CCP accepted CLam's recommendation for the withdrawal of the 'extradition bill' (demand 1);

  • CCP rejected CLam's recommendation for an 'Independent Commission of Inquiry' (CoI) into alleged police brutality (demand 2). CLam instead of rejecting CCP's refusal accepted: Therefore, Carrie Lam is a traitor to HK people and must be held accountable for her criminality.

To date, the only demand met by CCP and HK government is the full withdrawal in LegCo of CLam's proposed 'extradition bill' (demand 1) completed in September 2019.

The fifth demand, sometimes referred to in HK as 'dual universal suffrage', is for 'universal and equal suffrage elections' to the two ('dual') elections of Chief Executive (CE) and Legislative Council (LegCo).

By meeting the fifth demand for 'universal and equal suffrage elections' the remaining three demands will in time be addressed in HK.

The gap between the elites in power in CCP's HK feudal Han Chinese plutocracy and the HK majority are growing daily. HK has one of the largest gaps between the rich and poor in the world and 20% of HK people living below the poverty line!

HK's political leader, the Chief Executive (CE), should be 'healing' by uniting HK as a community to ensure 'stability and prosperity'. To date no HK CE has attempted to unify HK by listening to the demands of the majority for democratic political reforms.

Before 2019 anti-extradition law protests, the last political crisis in HK was the 1977 armed mutiny by the HK police against the British government and its ICAC. Since 2019 HK police, under the control of CCP, have been acting unlawfully (please read UN letters below). Rightfully HK people are demanding accountability of both the police and of the HK government!

A foreign judge-led 'Independent Commission of Inquiry' (CoI) should be held on HK government, police and judiciary actions since June 2019. When HK finally has universal and equal suffrage elections, based on CoI findings, amnesty for all sides should be considered alongside a 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission' for community healing. Until there is community healing there will be no stability or prosperity in HK.

Until HK people's fifth demand is met, HK peoples must boycott ALL HK 'elections'. Under UN treaty obligations, there is to be universal and equal suffrage elections across HK including for the Chief Executive, Legislative Council and District Councils.

Will it be a hard or soft landing for CCP?

CCP is not China. China is China - which will most likely endure as long as humanity is on Earth. It is vital that the citizens of China and the world recognizes that the core issue is not CCP - it is, as always, the people of China.

CCP is a virus that must be treated worldwide as such. Out of total China population of roughly 1.4billion, there are an estimated 100million CCP members unlawfully 'milking' China and the world for all they can get away with.

The world knows that historically each change of dynasty in China has resulted in widespread bloodshed, burning of books, seizure of property, etc. With a minimum of at least 77million innocent Chinese citizen deaths caused since 1949 by the illegitimate totalitarian CCP, undoubtedly revenge will be taken by some citizens of China against CCP.

With CCP having hitched itself to HK in 2020 and driven China over the cliff, there will be a landing sooner or later for CCP in China. No matter the landing style, CCP as the totalitarian ruler of China is finished.

The choice of hard or soft landing depends entirely upon CCP and its ability to perform according to its UN international treaties and global norms. High priority issues driving a hard or soft landing include the source and spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19, Xinjiang genocide of Uygher Muslims, Tibetan assimilation and breaches of the ICCPR, Joint Declaration and rule OF law in HK.

Dr Sun Yat-sen's Republic of China's (ROC) Taiwan, as a leading Asian Chinese democracy with a world class economy, has a key role to play in the landing and the creation of a multi-party democracy in China and HK.

The 'democratic alliance' (USA, UK, EU, etc.) which produces 60% of global GDP is the power of the international rules-based order. Its use of the rule OF law is now growing in its power and effectiveness against CCP's rule BY law : Ultimately this is a war of ideology in which the winner takes all.

In contrast to the democratic alliance countries, CCP has no friends - only corrupt hired hands.

When will China's landing happen? Leading mainland Chinese Professor Madame Cai Xia in 2020 suggested CCP would take at least 5 years to collapse.

Trash HK to crash CCP! HK protesters, who are the majority of HKers, know and accept that HK is now irrevocably hitched to China - therefore, they must liberate themselves and the people of China from CCP.

In their effort to control everything CCP will likely end up controlling nothing.

. . . o o o O O O o o o . . .

Summary: Solution for HK's ongoing 2019 political crisis is a United Nations (UN) mandated HK multi-option preference referendum to determine the will of HK people, which must then be acted upon

It should be a primary role of the HK Chief Executive (CE) to maintain 'stability' and 'prosperity' whilst upholding the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law for 50 years after the 1997 British handover to China. However, since 1997 no HK CE has managed to legitimately govern HK, and none have served a full second term.

After the current ongoing 2019 political crisis HK as a community has to come together, heal itself and in time move on.

HK majority by more than 70% voted against CCP and HK government in two public 'referendums' held since mass peaceful anti-extradition protests started on 9 June 2019.

Currently CCP and HK government unlawfully ignores the will of HK people, including protesters' 'five demands'. Today HK's voiceless majority are being controlled by CCP and the HK elite minority, including in HK's illegitimate 2021 Legislative Council: Because of the ongoing unlawful actions of CCP and HK government, HK is now unstable and unprosperous.

To resolve the 2019 ongoing political crisis HK people have their human right to hold a UN mandated multi-option preference referendum in HK to determine the will of HK people.

It is HK people's UN ICCPR human right to 'participate in public life'. UN Human Rights Council resolution 24/5 guarantees HK people's right to 'elections' as outlined in the UN letter to China Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 29 January 2020 on HK Police tear gas, rights & freedoms.

The political solution is to hold a UN mandated, HK public preference multi-option referendum which is inclusive of diverse views across HK's civil society. The results when acted upon, would negate CCP China's breaches of the Joint Declaration allowing this UN treaty to continue until its natural termination on 30 June 2047.

WTPOHK's recommended referendum to resolve the current HK political crisis in HK is to invite all HK Permanent Residents 18 years old and above to participate in a UN mandated referendum held in HK. An inclusive 'Citizens’ Assembly' representative of HK would draw up a short list of approximately five options to be voted on. We suggest using the “Modified Borda Count” (MBC), a preference multi-option voting system, offering roughly five options which would be ranked by each voter according to their preferences.

Change.org petition for a UN mandated HKSAR referendum to resolve HK's current political crisis

Please sign and share Change.org petition:

'United Nations mandated Hong Kong SAR referendum to determine HK peoples will'. chng.it/XH52yW4X

This petition is being sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, USA President, UK Prime Minister and EU President of the European Commission.

We welcome everyone, everywhere in the world to sign this petition. Please sign and share this petition widely amongst friends and family. Gai yau (add oil).

#HKUNreferendum You can help by sharing this hashtag widely on social media.

Thank you!

Reddit [CCP's] 'Just a small renovation' [On 16 December 2021 CCP installed its plaque inside HK's Legislative Council a few days before the selection].

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

HK Government photo

Please read our blogs and share them with friends and family if you wish:

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FRAUD: CCP thwarted Hong Kong peoples' UN rights to self-determination & independence

Seeking prosperity and stability for HK

China's Hong Kong policy of "One Country, Two Systems"

Democracy – the most undefined word in the world!

Václav Havel : The Power of the Powerless

References (please also chronologically read each headline - someone, to defect from truth, is pumping the media with bs narratives!):

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RTHK 20 December 2021 'Voter turnout respectable, says Regina Ip'

RTHK 20 December 2021 'Patriots have now taken complete control of Legco'

Reddit 20 December 2021 'Carrie Lam on why she now claims the 2019 election wasn't democratic despite thanking citizens for voting back then: "What I said in 2017, 2018, 2019 doesn't mean much."'

Reddit 20 December 2021 'Final turnout was 30%, not far from the 32% upper limit that I predicted last month. The HK SAR government and CCP-run media are now in damage control as they come up with all kinds of excuse to explain this record low turnout. Well done Hongkongers'

Reddit 20 December 2021 'Exiled Hong Kong Legislator Ted Hui: Would the world look closely at Hong Kong's sham election today, and think of the real candidates who were thrown in jail for almost one year now. We must fight back by boycotting it, or cast a blank protest vote. (Beware of arbitrary arrests when retweet)'

Reddit 20 December 2021 '"Don't Vote" Banner Spotted on Lion Rock Mt. in Hong Kong'

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RFA 16 December 2021 'Two charged in Hong Kong for 'inciting' others to cast blank ballots in protest'

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RTHK 14 December 2021 'Threatening mail sent to Carrie Lam: CE's Office'

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RTHK 4 December 2021 'Beijing issues white paper on 'democracy that works''

The Standard 22 November 2021 ''Meaningless' to count constituencies as one'

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