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612 Hong Kong is still revolting

It has been a sight for sore eyes to see the response near and far to the 2nd anniversary of the massive 2019 street protest that called upon Chief Executive (CE) Mrs Carrie Lam (CLam) to dispense with her plan to pass a law that would have permitted extradition to mainland China of anyone in Hong Kong (HK), resident or visitor.

The celebration is about HK people's success in unmasking the real face of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the world to see!

Our objective in this blog is to provide for the record an account of why HKers are still revolting in 2021.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

Mass peaceful protest marches 1million+ from Causeway Bay to Central started 9 June 2019.


Largest peaceful HK protest ever on 16 June 2019 2million+1 which is 25% of HK population!


2021 celebration in HK of 12 June 2019 protests

No peaceful protests or assemblies were allowed by HK police on 12 June 2021 under Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) unconstitutional 'national security law' and W.H.O. 'IHR' global pandemic social distancing regulations.

This was despite only having a few new COVID-19 cases for many weeks. In breach of the Joint Declaration the CCP and HK government unacceptably violated UN international treaties including HK people's human rights and civil liberty freedoms of speech, assembly and Press publication.

RTHK 12 June 2021 reported police arrested three people on the protest anniversary and issued 10 summons for social distancing violations.

Twitter On 11 June 2021 approximately 10 police surrounded and then arrested 2 student activists accusing them of illegal assembly (HKFP and references below).

Apple Daily on 12 June 2021 ran a full page advertisement 'I will stay in Hong Kong and continue to .....' (fill in the blank). Police in Causeway Bay on 12 June 2021.

Twitter Heavy police presence in many HK districts.


Twitter Many young people wearing black were stopped, questioned and searched.

Reddit: u/WaterstarRunner Many streets in Causeway Bay were cordoned off by police.

Reddit While being searched a very brave woman signs 5 and 1 which is the protesters meme of '5 demands not one less'.

Reddit On Kowloon's Lion Rock summit protesters used neon lights.

2021 international celebrations of 12 June 2019 HK protests

To everyone, everywhere in the world, thank you so much for your support for HK democracy and protesters!


2021 celebrations in: Seoul Korea; Tokyo Japan; Brisbane Australia; Christchurch New Zealand; London UK.

Reddit: miss_wolverine

HK people LOVE yellow umbrella's and face masks!!

Twitter Rally in Shinjuku, Japan.

History of 12 June 2019 HK protest

Here is our timeline of HK protests and events for your ease of understanding and connecting the dots.

Unashamedly WTPOHK, like all HK protesters who are the majority of HK people, uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law : CCP, CLam and their supporters do NOT uphold the Joint Declaration nor the rule OF law.

The birth of nationalist student movement 'Chinese Communist Party' (CCP) - or if you prefer the 'Communist Party of China' (CPC) - is officially 1 July 1921. CCP was heavily funded, influenced and controlled by Stalin's Soviet Union (USSR), a foreign government : This is why CCP fears student movements and does everything to brainwash and control children and prevent 'foreign influences'.

CCP's Mao Zedong came to power in China during 1949 only because he was a traitor who conspired with the Japanese Army, the enemy of the Chinese people : i.e. 1945-1949 China did not have a 'civil war' that CCP won. CCP has no legitimacy to its one-party dictatorship over China : This is the source of CCP's paranoia. CCP remains in power since 1949 as the 'People's democratic dictatorship', a term CCP self-enshrined in China's 'Constitution'.

CCP, with its arbitrary rule BY law, is the world's worst ever totalitarian regime that has killed over 77million of its own people! There are many lies throughout the history of CCP which are used as part of its structural violence of torture by coercion of the people of China for 'stability and prosperity' to ensure that CCP remains in power : i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which includes arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

After WWII the British tried to introduce democracy into HK - but CCP strongly objected : Only Chris Patton, the last British Governor, implemented significant democratic reforms. In 1971 CCP scuppered at the United Nations HK peoples' UN human rights to Independence after de-colonisation by denying that HK and Macau were colonies!

The UK, prior to signing the Joint Declaration in 1984, suspected that CCP wanted to ruthlessly control HK by controlling HK people. Under the Joint Declaration HK's 'national security' legislation was to be created and agreed by HK people : i.e. NOT imposed on HK by CCP! CCP is a destructive 'foreign influence' in HK that has repeatedly breached the Joint Declaration, annexed HK, destroying the independence of its judiciary and the rule OF law.

HK people - who still today uphold the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law - have since the 1 July 1997 British handover to China demanded that the CCP and HK government meets all of its UN obligations. Example, ICCPR HK 1997 local legislation 'HK Bill of Rights Ordinance' Article 21 "..(b) to vote and to be elected at genuine periodic elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret ballot, guaranteeing the free expression of the will of the electors."

On 1 July 1997 handover to China, CCP and the HK government were in breach of the Joint Declaration because HK's 'Provisional' Legislative Council (LegCo) had been 'selected' by CCP and not elected by HK people : i.e. LegCo had not been correctly formed by universal and equal suffrage elections under HK legislation HKBORO article 21. CCP's breach has to date not been rectified.

On 1 July 2003 a protest by an estimated 500,000 HK people convinced the first Chief Executive to make a U-turn and withdraw from the Legislative Council his proposed Article 23 national security legislation. He later resigned halfway through his second term due to 'health' reasons.

In 2007 CCP agreed to accept HK peoples' ICCPR rights to universal and equal suffrage elections for the 2016 Legislative Council and 2017 Chief Executive elections. This was a political agreement, proposed by HK Democratic Party Founder Martin Lee and agreed by CCP that HK democrats had been keeping since 2007.

CCP never keeps its word

The 31 August 2014 National Peoples Congress Special Committee (NPCSC) decision on 31 August 2014 meant that CCP had reneged on its 2007 promise to HK people of their ICCPR rights to universal and equal suffrage elections in the 2016 Legislative Council and 2017 Chief Executive elections.

Response to CCP's 31 August 2014 reneging : HK students on 26 September 2014 protested and took control of 2014 'Occupy Central' protest action, and for 79 days occupied parts of HK. This then became known as the 'Umbrella movement'.

The 2014 Umbrella movement lead to HK peoples' awakening to their UN human rights and to the urgent need for ICCPR electoral reforms.

During the Umbrella movement the HK government started using draconian colonial era laws such as the 'Public Order Ordinance' (POO) to arrest, charge and jail its leaders.

Lunar New Year 8 February 2016 saw an attack and entrapment by police in Mongkok, Kowloon on traditional HK Chinese new year hawker sales of street food and local supporters of HK culture : Mongkok is the democratic stronghold of HK. This event is referred to by HKers as the 'Fishball Revolution' (魚蛋革命). Localist groups supporting HK culture included 'Hong Kong Indigenous' who advocated for HK 'independence' : Spokesman Edward Leung (now serving a 6 year sentence in prison for his political views) coined the popular generational meme 'Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times' which CCP has now outlawed in HK under its unconstitutional 'national security law'!

In 2017 the stage was set once again for the continued breach of UN international obligations and failures of CCP and HK government when CCP 'selected' CLam as HK Chief Executive.

March-May 2019 student groups protested and seeded public awareness of CLam's proposed extradition legislation : CLam continued to refuse to withdraw her bill.

On 9 June 2019 1million+ peaceful protesters marched against the HK government's proposed extradition law. The HKPF in this case, and as they have always done, grossly undereported the turnout as part of the government's structural violence. HK protesters marched for the immediate withdrawal of the proposed extradition legislation with such a massive demonstration of their will. They hoped it would be withdrawn by CLam.

10 June 2019 CLam ignored the will of 1million+ HK protesters : Instead CLam scheduled for 12 June 2019 a 2nd hearing of the proposed extradition legislation in HK's illegitimate LegCo. Since the CCP, HK government and HK elites controlled LegCo by its illegitimate system of Functional Constituencies - which allowed a priviledged minority more than one vote per person - this meant that most likely the proposed extradition legislation could have quickly become HK law.

By 12 June 2019 HK protesters were increasingly becoming alarmed by the unlawful acts of the CCP, CLam and the HK government : Collectively the government was ignoring the will of HK people and their UN international treaties such as HK's Joint Declaration in which is enshrined for 50 years HK's high degree of autonomy, an independent judiciary and the rule OF law.

On 12 June 2019 HK protesters were determined to stop the 2nd hearing of the extradition bill in LegCo.

On 12 June 2019 HK police came out in numbers, and for the first time since the 2014 Umbrella movement showed an aggressive stance towards peaceful protesters, bystanders and the media alike:

  • Officers did not display their required ID's;;

  • Many were geared up and armed as 'riot' police;

  • They arbitrarily attacked and assaulted protesters and innocent passerbys;

  • There was indiscriminate use of tear gas and pepper spray without cause nor warnings;

  • Officers illegally and indiscriminately fired rubber bullets at protesters;

  • Journalists were targetted and pepper sprayed, tear gassed, assaulted and one lost vision in his right eye from a rubber bullet fired illegally low;

  • Protesters and journalists were kettled inside CITIC Tower mall and suffered a 'gassing' when tear gas was illegally fired into the building;

  • Many people were arbitrarily arrested and later charged;

  • Patients in hospitals who police suspected of having participated in the protest were hunted down and police illegally accessed patients' medical records;

  • Everyone who was there on 12 June 2019 had their UN supreme human "right to life" violated by the police;

HK peoples have their UN right to truth - to know what really took place, and to know about state-sponsored terrorism, including violations of human rights, forced disappearances, and torture which includes coercion. One of HK protester's '5 demands' is for an independent Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the actions of the police and HK government since 9 June 2019 : To date there has been no COI.

For more details please read Mandates of the UN Special Rapporteur 28 June 2019 an unanswered letter to China!

IPCC member Clifford Stott's suggests the action by police on 12 June 2019 framed HK's anti-extradition protest movement.

HK Police Commissioner Stephen Lo initially referred to the 12 June 2019 protesters in Cantonese as 'disturbances', which was later changed to 'rioters' : This reference to 'rioters' was never made during 2014 Umbrellas Movement!

The HK 'Justice Department' came out with colonial era charges of 'rioting' which carries with it up to 10 years prison sentence. The elimination of the 'rioting' charge demand listed by protesters in their '5 demands', comes from the unacceptable unlawful police response to this protest which on the 12 of June 2019 was peaceful on the part of the vast majority of protesters. The state-direct HKPF were the aggressors!

HK protesters' views, and those of leading democracies, are shared by the UN special rapporteurs who wrote an unanswered 28 June 2019 letter to China on the 12 June 2019 action of the police and HK government : Mandates of the UN Special Rapporteur 28 June 2019.

16 June 2019 was the first protest after 12 June 2019, attended by 2million+1 peaceful HK protesters : HK with a population of just 7.4million this amounted to roughly 25% of its total population! Still CLam did not withdraw the extradition bill!

15 June 2021 HK protesters left flowers in rememberance of Marco Leung Ling-kit. Apple Daily photo.

Tragically HK protester Marco Leung Ling-kit died 15 June 2019 after hanging a protest banner on a building in Central. In remembrance some protesters came out on 15 June 2021 and laid flowers for him. He is referred to as the +1 HK protester at the 16 June 2019 march.

CLam again made matters worse : After the postponement of the 12 June 2019 2nd hearing of the extradition bill in LegCo, CLam rescheduled the proposed extradition bill's 2nd reading in LegCo for 2 July 2019.

The 1 July 2019 mass peaceful protest of 1million+ HK protesters were determined to stop the 2nd hearing of the extradition bill in LegCo!

The evening of 1 July 2019 a small group of a few hundred protesters broke into LegCo, without any injuries to anyone. It appears the police in effect 'invited' the protesters into LegCo : the HKPF had failed to perform their duty ! LegCo was closed the night of 1 July 2019 for repairs - i.e. the 2nd hearing of the extradition bill could not be held in LegCo on 2 July 2019 : LegCo finally reopened in October 2019.

By the morning 2 July 2019 CLam had lost everyone's support : Subsequently CLam formally withdrew from LegCo her proposed extradition legislation.

In September 2019 CLam admitted 'havoc I caused is unforgiveable'. Instead of resigning she stayed on and caused even more havoc which helped unmask CCP for the world to see their real face!

The 24 November 2019 District Council elections were in effect a HK public 'referendum' on CCP, CLam and HK government!

The buildup to the 24 November 2019 District Council elections was a series of pre-meditated violent attacks by the police on HK people and their UN human rights designed to scare everyone away from casting their ballots in the 24 November 2019 District Council elections.

By November 2019 it was clear that there were mainland Chinese paramilitary police embedded in the HK Police Force.

Police mainly targetted HK university students, entering university campuses without asking for permission and sieged Chinese University and HK Polytechnic University.

The tactics of the CCP and HK government enraged the people of HK even more, increasing unrest and division in the city!

The result of the 24 November 2019 District Council elections was a landslide victory for pro-democrat candidates who, for the first time, won a majority with 85% of seats (388/452) in 17/18 Districts with HK protester supporter for the '5 demands'.

After losing the 24 November 2019 District Council elections CCP knew that there was a strong possibility that it could lose control of the Legislative Council (LegCo) in the upcoming September 2020 elections.

The paranoid totalitarian CCP was totally unprepared for such a massive loss of 'face', loss of political power in HK and how this reflected on its control over China. This illustrates that CCP:

+ 100% believes ONLY their own narratives

+ Is a nuclear armed, significantly militarized religious cult

+ Will shut down HK, or any place, to ensure it stays in power in China!

By the end of the 1970's roughly 2/3 of HKers were refugees from mainland China escaping from the CCP. Unsurprisingly, for decades, in HK politics roughly 60% of people supported 'democrats' (also known as 'pan-democrats' or 'pro-democrats') and 30% supported pro-CCP (also known as 'pro-Beijing') - with 10% 'undecided' : Traditionally HK democrats have been ineffectively infighting amongst themselves whilst HK people were largely unaware and publicly 'uninterested' in politics.

CCP, without formally creating a 'Communist Party' in HK and running for elections, had heavily invested in HK politics during the 1990's supporting pro-Beijing parties such as DAB, which had maintained a majority in District Councils and LegCo since the 1997 handover to China.

The only universal and equal suffrage elections in HK are the District Council elections effectively making the District Councils the voice and will of HK people. HK's Legislative Council (LegCo) is illegitimate.

In 2019 the world went through a paradigm shift in consciousness. Whether there was a change in awareness before or after the Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 came along is not important : The consciousness is now calling for 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency'. HK people had been through SARS 2002-2003 and knew how to handle themselves in the pandemic.

In January 2020 HK protests stopped because of COVID-19.

By then, police and Justice Department tactics had halted mass peaceful protests (no police permission given for protests) which dampered all protests : HK protesters badly needed a break to recover and redirect their energies. With more than 10,000 people arbitrarily arrested in the previous 8 months, stress and health issues had taken its toll on the protest movement: Hardest hit were children.

On 6 June 2020 the majority of District Councillors rejected CCP's 'national security law' for HK! HK people have lawfully rejected this law so CCP and HK government MUST cancel this law!

CCP's 1 July 2020 'national security law' is unconstitutional and resulted in CCP's annexation of HK. This is another CCP breach of the Joint Declaration and other UN international treaties replacing HK's rule OF law by CCP's arbitrary rule BY law.

Under the smokescreen of COVID-19 and W.H.O. 'IHR' global pandemic regulations, CCP and HK government is now still illegally controlling HK people and denying our UN human rights : 6 September 2020 LegCo elections were cancelled despite countries around the world still holding elections when HK only had a daily new COVID-19 case count in the single figures.

CCP, NPC and CLam decided to legitimise a new 'provisional LegCo', and hollowed out LegCo of 4 moderate democratic lawmakers. After this all remaining democrats walked out. Later came LegCo's restructuring to ensure that CCP will remain in control : This reduced the number of LegCo Geographic Constituency seats from 30 to 20 whilst introducing 20 seats for so called 'patriotic' CCP selected lawmakers.

CCP and HK government agressively pursued all leading democratic politicians and activists with arbitrary arrests and bogus charges. Next came the silencing of the Press - focused on Jimmy Lai and his media company Apple Daily.

In 2020, by enacting HK's 'national security law' CCP halted the lawful, natural freedom and development of HK people - as it did in China's Tiananmen Square on 4 June 1989! This HK NSL law is being used to scare and coerce everyone : It is not a security law!

In 2021 CCP, CLam and HK government are now even more despised and unacceptable to the majority of HK people. To say her government is "distrusted" is a major understatement.

So far only one of the 5 demands has been met - HK protesters still demand the remaining 4 demands are met : The most important demand for most HK protesters is electoral reform of 'universal and equal suffrage elections'.

CCP and HK government's narratives that HK youth are black-clad, radicalized, violent terrorists is a barefaced-lie and an attempt to cover up the fact that CCP and HK government are in breach of UN international treaty obligations including the Joint Declaration, and "right to life", amongst others.

The latest international response may in part be due to the 2019 event, but it is more likely a reponse to the increasing repression and loss of freedoms in HK and elsewhere under the pervasive impact of the COVID pandemic that many blame CCP for. The international response is part of a groundswell for CCP to be held accountable, for democratic nations to decouple from CCP, and to bolster support for democracy.

In its 2020 annexation of HK, CCP acting like a lunatic, hitched itself irrevocably onto the city, and then drove China over the cliff! Will it be a hard landing or soft?

HKCNEWS timeline on protest events : EXCELLENT - PLEASE READ!


Reddit: u/sosfreehongkong

CNN video on proposed extradition law and 9 June 2019 protests.

CNN video on 12 June 2019 protests. Respected HK ex-journalist and pro-democratic lawmaker Claudia Mo is sadly now serving time in HK prison for her 'political crimes.'

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HKCNEWS timeline on events of 12 June 2019.

Twitter Clifford Stott on why the policing of that demonstration was pivotal in driving fundamental change in the nature of the pro-democracy movement in the SAR.

Apple Daily 14 June 2021 'Hong Kong student activists say their arrest was an excuse for police to keep them off streets for June 12 anniversary'

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Apple Daily investigative report on how hundreds fully armed riot police were "forced" to retreat all the way into legislative council in front of international press, following orders of their commanders. Before swiftly and easily hunting protestors like animals (Cantonese).



Siege of Citic Tower: https://youtu.be/3V_wVnyvbuQ Compilation of Hong Kong Police's Brutality on 12th June, 2019 https://youtu.be/nYV52IBKbtY Brave french journalist: https://youtu.be/iTIqDFPjypU "Police" firing weapon horizontally, the victim who is a teacher, has since been interviewed by RTHK confirmed he has lost almost all vision in his right eye (Chinese only): https://youtu.be/lDQ-HjR0ORA "Police" declared - "you're press? press your m0ther!" (cantonese only): https://youtu.be/YpPOfWTxlf8 "Police" declared: "Come out now, F your M0ther, freedom Pu$sy (freedom hi, cantonese only): https://youtu.be/HKVYB2LRACA Protestors singing a Hymn under the gov HQ: https://youtu.be/5HTxNnCgE14

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