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2019 paradigm shift 'stress-tests' builds peoples symbiotic relationship with Earth

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

This video of the Indian COVID-19 pandemic is both a fascinating and horrifying example of how their democracy to date has been unable to cope with a 'stress-test' which became a crisis. We suggest readers view this video as background for this blog.

Do you have a PERSONAL 'symbiotic' relationship with Earth and all onboard her?

+ If you have, then you are reducing the 'stress-tests', that left unattended most likely will become the 'crises', that are negatively impacting humanity in the 2019 paradigm shift;

+ If not, and you want the crises or stress-tests you feel to be reduced and finally disappear, then urgently you need to find your PERSONAL symbiotic relationship with Earth and all onboard her (please read our blogs below).

The definition of 'all on board her' literally is everything that in total makes up our wonderful spaceship Earth on our journey through the Universe including all animals, plants, fish, insects, minerals, soil, water, air, atmosphere, etc. This means that we must stop all acts of abuse and killing of all others, including 'sentient' beings that today the majority of humans consume as animal proteins. The karma that we create with our thoughts, words and actions traps and degrades humanity, and holds us trapped in a never ending cycle of reincarnation without awareness development nor enlightenment from the consciousness.

Just having high efficacy vaccinations is not enough 'prevention' against COVID because, only by itself, a vaccine can 'numb' a person to our spiritual natural self and to all on Earth: e.g. as an 'unwoke' you could be 'living' the reality of an 'undead' human who is not in a state of 'being'. This analogy should be applied to all stress-tests and crises.

To live at 'ease' with COVID is mostly mental - it's not just a physical feat. To be at 'ease' means more than testing negative for COVID-19 'dis-ease' because it can also be that you have used your natural immunity to boost your immune system beyond what the vaccines provide. Most importantly, to be at ease, we must build up our personal 'awareness' through our link to the consciousness - this is our symbiotic relationship with Earth and all onboard her.

The answer to almost every crisis is to live in the moment NOW - this is our new norm!

Our personal and collective awareness is out-of-phase with the current 2019 paradigm, using outdated business models, lifestyles, political systems, etc have caused stress-tests and crises which are at the root of humanities' and Earth's problems: e.g. the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has since 1949 ruled China as a feudal Han Chinese plutocracy.

The 2019 paradigm shift is the dawning of the age of humanities' symbiotic inter-dependency with Earth and all onboard her. (Please read our related blogs below).

The increased regulatory attention by a bipartisan US Senate on American company Facebook and its majority shareholder Mark Zuckerburg's business model and practices of online abuse in exchange for corporate profit, highlights how the Berlin Wall will inevitably come down on sociopathic businesses and other unaccountable rulers of industries and countries globally.

An inter-dependent world can not be ruled by 'elites' who are secretly unseen parking their assets. In the feudal Han Chinese plutocracy of communist HK two ex-Chief Executives (CE) Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying have been proven by the recent 'Pandora Papers' to be self-serving politicians: Leung C.Y. while in office as CE was involved in criminal acts and needs to be held accountable under HK's rule OF law (please read references below).

Everything and everyone is inter-connected in a world in which Earth is the ONE wealth, health and prosperity for all.

'Usury', and its root of 'greed', is the one truth holding back humanity!

We call ourselves 'human beings' without understanding our role nor responsibility to the Universe: Our destructive human 'lifestyles' on Earth are now very far removed from being 'humane'. This is especially true in our meat 'consumption', a polite way of naming the abuse and murder of animals for their meat as protein, mostly by the wealthier one third of 'humanity' (33%): The remaining two thirds of humanity (67%) - luckily for their health and for national healthcare budgets - have primarily plant based diets. India is roughly 40% vegetarian, the highest population percentage in the world.

The least destructive human 'lifestyle' is a spiritual plant based vegan diet which significantly reduces pollution and destruction of Earth and all onboard. Most UN initiatives on global sustainability are based upon humanity increasingly moving towards a predominately plant based diet.

While Earth herself has already moved into the 2019 paradigm, we now have a crisis of humans applying outdated and inappropriate policies and practices for their own personal benefits rather than acting for the greater good of all! Being 'out-of-phase' with the 2019 paradigm causes 'stress-tests' that, if left unresolved, create crises.

Since 2019 the world is experiencing a long and growing list of 2019 paradigm 'stress-tests' which will likely become crises if left unattended:

+ Global climate change crisis: This is THE crisis of all crises that, if unresolved, may result in the reduction of human populations to a level in which Earth can irrevocably sustain 'herself': We are not being sexist - Earth is a nurturing 'mother', a living 4 billion year old conscious sentient being who MUST have our human respect and trust if we are to thrive living on Earth.

Linked to global climate change is the global immigration crisis (see video below) and many other crises including food, water, housing, healthcare, democracy, etc.

Humans must urgently cool the Earth's atmosphere that we have polluted, by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, stop our destruction of natural forests and initiating the most significant solution which is to switch to eating a vegan plant based diet. Don't just take our word for it - or dismiss the idea! Critical thinking would suggest you start your own investigation on the matter and alter your diet based on your findings.

+ Human health crises: New York Times in 2012 wrote that a developing model of infectious disease shows that most epidemics — AIDS, Ebola, West Nile, SARS, Lyme disease and hundreds more that have occurred over the last several decades — don’t just happen, they are a result of things people do to nature. An estimated 2 million humans per year die from diseases which are spread to humans from domestic and wild animals. Sixty percent (60%) of emerging infectious diseases that affect humans are zoonotic - they originate in wild animals: To stop these infectious diseases we must halt humans eating wild animals!

Example, novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 to date 233million people infected in 221 countries with 4.8million deaths ('The Economist' suggests real figures are 3-4 times higher). Massive global inequalities for access to high efficacy vaccines are currently stopping the eradication of COVID: Humanity will most likely have to live with COVID for decades - hence nearly every human on Earth will be infected. COVID was sourced and spread by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) China : Natural virus or laboratory designed virus? Either way, by being spread it was used by CCP as a biological weapon of war.

A financially wealthier China has seen a health pandemic of sickness and death caused by a fundamental change in diet from mostly a plant based diet in 1949 to today's increased indulgence in consumption of animal proteins. In China it is primarily the ruling class of corrupt CCP elites who can afford the expensive banquets which indulge in eating wildlife from where comes the zoonotic leaps of viruses from animals to humans.

A 2015 CNN article opined that just 1.2 lbs of beef is equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions to an SUV driving 70 miles - and we have not yet considered use of precious fresh water (projected 5billion humans will be water insecure by 2050), animal excretion of their digestive waste ('shit'), destruction of native forests, health costs of human degenerative diseases, etc.

Our Earth is becoming increasingly inter-dependent: Therefore 'bad' actors, namely those who are not playing by the agreed UN rules, must be called out and held accountable.

+ Democracy and financial crises: Under UN international declarations and treaties, including ICCPR, the 'will' of the people is the authority of the government. However, there is no mention of what method we must use to determine the peoples 'will' (please read Peter Emerson's blog “Democracy – the most undefined word in the world!”).

America, as do almost all leading democracies, has a massive governance crisis as told by its two decades of failures in its 'Afghan War' (sorry, war against Al-Qaeda), war on drugs, highly divisive domestic politics (them versus us), etc.

The reality for nearly all democracies is that we see political leaders using binary-majority rule to rubber stamp their party's Ministers, projects and budgets which ultimately the people - through their Public Purse - must pay for. Increasingly, within leading democracies worldwide there is growing public awareness, alarm and resentment against governments and their current policies and practices. Our public financial systems are tied to politics - and so are our crises including debt from the ongoing 2019 COVID global pandemic. Instead, democracies should be based upon much more effective and efficient all-party power-sharing coalitions, governments of unity (GNU) using multi-option voting procedures.

At WTPOHK we have highlighted HK's need for democratic political reforms based upon holding in HK a multi-option preference referendum to more closely determine the 'will' of HK people which when acted upon would negate CCP China's repeated breaches of the Joint Declaration. The current CCP and HK government are illegitimate and are not spending HK peoples' Public Purse lawfully on projects and other budget items according to the will of HK people.

Businesses are forced by their governments to use accrual accounting practices, whilst the same governments don't! This is yet another failure of best practices by governments.

CCP's China is starting to have a financial debt crisis because of CCP's aggressive behaviour towards everyone else, corruption, rule BY law, an aging population no longer saving, sourcing and spreading of COVID, debt in its property market, Belt and Road projects, its financing practices of any business linked to CCP, etc.

+ Energy crisis: The world is one energy market in which the supply of coal, gas and fossil fuels are starting to become scarce and in some instances over priced and therefore inaccessible for many people.

We are totally dependent upon energy, especially the Sun. Fossil fuels gave us millions of years of non-renewable hydrocarbons stored underground which in the last 150 years humanity has released into the atmosphere to drive our so called 'economic development'. Having arrived at our current reality we now urgently need to cool Earth's temperatures to reduce global climate changes.

However, being now dependent upon the 2019 paradigm we are even further becalmed in an energy transition period before we must go off on the new tack of zero emissions and pollution from renewable energy: The majority of the world (e.g. China, India, etc) are still stuck using heavily polluting coal and fossil fuels because so many nations are unable to increase their GDP per capita AND they have mouths to feed. China is driven to be an export economy solely because it is unable to feed itself and needs foreign currency from exports to purchase imported food.

+ Safe, clean food, fresh water and safe environments: Our basic human needs for food and water will increasingly be threatened by global climate change, population growth and environmental crises. During COVID we are already seeing food supply chains disrupted globally. It is no wonder that 'sustainability' has become a catch-cry.

Our demand for animal proteins are in direct conflict with humanities' needs for clean fresh water with 80% of fresh water in USA being used by 'livestock': It is projected that 5billion humans will be water insecure by 2050.

Global climate changes will reduce safe food production at a time when we still have growing human populations: This puts enormous production stress on our precious and often nutrient depleted soils. It is clear that often our agricultural methods are harming the environment.

+ Safe affordable housing: Faced with global climate changes and increased extremes of weather patterns the demands on our 'built environments' will significantly increase. All humans must have affordable shelter, which is also a fundamental human right (ICESCR). Hardly talked about nor addressed by governments is the upcoming significant sea level rises which will decimate coastal communities worldwide: If all ice on Earth melted the ocean would rise an estimated 70 metres.

+ Education crisis: The inequalities that are often created by private for profit 'education' institutions is a plague upon humanity! Basic education is a fundamental human right (Taliban take note!) and all of humanity needs to have free, or at minimum cost, equitable internet access and quality education available for everyone which is designed to uplift the consciousness and awareness of all humanity.

With COVID potentially being around for decades, increasingly children will be online with less human interaction with others: This poses both threats and opportunities. Similarly adults are likely to be increasingly working online.

For the vast majority of humanity, life today is daily survival: It has never been about a nation's 'stability and prosperity'! The majority of people are deliberately being excluded from all political systems, be they democratic or totalitarian!

The majority of the population MUST take back their space, human rights and dignity. Democracies must 'strengthen' by using multi-option preference voting, such as MBC, to create governments of national unity (GNU).

No Earth = no human life!

Our past, and therefore current political systems and governance, are no longer viable in the new paradigm.

No matter what we do individually and collectively the new paradigm will bring humanity into a symbiotic relationship with Earth and all onboard her.

Either we enter the new paradigm willingly, or we will enter kicking and screaming - which will result in even more crises!

For example, today in communist Hong Kong (HK) and China there is CCP's state orchestrated drive for 'stability' using coercion as a means of torture caused by the structural violence of CCP's feudal Chinese plutocracy : If you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which include arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 pandemic source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

The Western world is no better off! The World Atlas index of the most stable countries is lead by Northern European Nordic democratic nations which have stable economies, politic systems and good living conditions: All the top 15 are European countries except for Australia, Canada and New Zealand and all are leading Western democracies.

The Legatum Prosperity 2021 index ranks 167 countries: The top 20 are almost all Western democracies except for communist Hong Kong (15) [15th is wrong - HK should be ranked with China 57th!], Singapore (16) and Japan (19). Yet some of these developed 'prosperous' democratic countries with their wealth and highly rated healthcare systems have also suffered some of the worst losses of human lives and sickness from COVID: Clearly there is something wrong!

In the previous pre-2019 paradigm the world's leading democracies were the most stable and prosperous.

America's multi-lateralism after WWII spread its version of the international rules-based order globally: Still today USA remains the only superpower.

Those individuals and nations who respond positively will thrive in their symbiotic relationship with Earth and all onboard: None of which has little or nothing to do with a nations stability and prosperity.

Today the vast majority of humanity remains blissfully unaware and unable to shift into the new paradigm because they do not have their own personal symbiotic relationship with Earth and all onboard her.

Indigenous peoples are naturally symbiotically linked to Earth and all. They hold the truth for humanity that everyone else must learn. We need inclusive democracies providing equity for all.

Increasingly, it is our human political systems and institutions of governance from the old paradigms that are now under 'stress-tests': They are operating without merit nor integrity in the new paradigm, unable to cope or change, they are blowing up in the faces of peoples of all nations.

We have lost the plot in the 2019 paradigm: We need to recognize this reality and make urgent changes if we are to thrive as a species on Earth.

In October 2021 we are not yet even two years into the 2019 paradigm shift and COVID-19 global pandemic - just look around and see the status of humanities' traditional indicators of 'stability' and 'prosperity' against the destruction of individuals, communities, businesses, governments and institutions worldwide.

Political systems' and politicians' standard, traditional institutionalized responses are totally meaningless and ineffective against the 2019 paradigm. Traditionally it was considered fair and reasonable for most Western politicians to standup on their bully pulpit and condescendingly pronounce to 'their' people '...the economic fundamentals are sound....blah, blah, blah'. Thanks, once again, for sharing your insights and platform Greta!

The greatest challenge facing humanity is global climate change - and this is also our greatest opportunity for human beings to create a symbiotic relationship with Earth and all onboard her!

When the majority of humanity are living symbiotically with Earth and all onboard her, stress-tests and crises will not be needed by the consciousness and they will naturally stop.

We pray and work for peace on Earth.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

Thanks RFA's Rebel Pepper!

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